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More Jobs, More Roles, More Opportunities than any other Infantry Regiment in the British Army. The Rifles leads the way on global operations for the British Army.

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Is The Rifles right for me?

Riflemen are quality individuals, historically known as 'Chosen Men' who were selected from across the British Army. Today's Riflemen are enthusiastic, eager to get on and up for a challenge. Soldier applicants need no qualifications (although many do) because The Rifles places a much higher priority on finding people with an upbeat and determined attitude who want to make a positive change to their life. To be a Rifleman you should have ambition and enjoy an outside lifestyle, active and fit.

Why should I join The Rifles?

  • No other job offers the same level of action and adventure.
  • No other Infantry regiment offers such wide opportunities.
  • Being a Rifleman is distinct and different.
  • You will make friends for life.
  • You will get paid to play sport and travel. And with most living expenses already covered, you’ll have money in your pocket.
  • You, your family and friends will be proud of your decision.

Soldier Recruiting

Whether you want to join, rejoin or transfer within the British Army as a Regular or Reserve soldier, The Rifles offers an unmatched range of Infantry jobs, combat missions and base locations within 3-hours travelling time from practically anywhere within the UK. With 5 Regular and 3 Reserve battalions, The Rifles has units in the Light, Armoured, Mechanised and Specialised Infantry Battalion roles for soldiers seeking operations, promotion and further excitement.

Officer Recruiting

Officers exercise command in The Rifles with a lightness of touch underpinned by a strong, confident & knowledgeable leadership style designed to release the potential found in every Rifleman. To find out more about a commission in The Rifles contact Lt Col Simon Stanford-Tuck on 01962 828531 or email

Army Awareness Activity (Infantry)

Army Awareness Activity (Infantry) is run by the Infantry and held at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC), Catterick in Yorkshire. During the activity, there are serving Riflemen on hand to answer questions and just chat about Army life in The Rifles. There will also be Riflemen currently in training and some of the instructors at ITC.

The minimum age is 15 years up to 32 years and 9 months. It costs you nothing and commits you to nothing whatsoever. You will be accommodated and fed free of charge and will get to see what being a Rifleman is really all about. There’s also time to socialise with the other candidates and a great chance to get to know others that you may end up in training with.

On the course you will get the chance to do the following:

  • Receive briefs on the Army and the Infantry.
  • Learn more about qualifications you can receive.
  • Meet soldiers currently in training and the training staff.
  • See some of the Vehicles and Equipment the Infantry use.
  • Experience some basic military skills training including the indoor firing range.
  • Receive an introduction to the Assessment Centre Activities to help you prepare.
  • Plus much, much more.

If you want respect, independence, friends for life, to learn new skills, excitement and success in later life, we can offer it. To find out more details on the course please get in touch with The Rifles' Support Team: Call 0845 6439 247 or email


The 1st Infantry Training Battalion (1ITB) at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) is responsible for the training of RIFLES and other infantry recruits. 1 ITB is divided into a number of Divisional Companies, with each commanding a number of platoons under training at any one time. Riflemen are ordinarily trained by RIFLES instructors, ensuring a strong bond is developed from Day 1.


For more information download our Factsheet at the bottom of the page.

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The Rifles

Our history is about four of the most famous Regiments in the British Army coming together in 2007 to form The Rifles and, just as importantly, the awesome part that Riflemen have played in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere since. The Rifles holds an incredible 913 battle honours, world record 117 Victoria Crosses (VC) and has a living history that is second to none.



The Rifleman

The first Riflemen were created at the beginning of the 19th Century, when the British Army needed to produce quick-thinking, intelligent, fit and tough sharpshooters capable of fighting on their own initiative. In our Regiment today, from the most senior general to the newest recruit, we all consider ourselves to be foremost Riflemen. When asked who we are, or what we do, both officers and soldiers reply saying, “I am a Rifleman”.

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Regimental Battle Honours

As a Rifle Regiment, battalions of The Rifles do not carry flags, known as 'colours'. Instead battle honours are entrusted to each and every Rifleman, who wears a representative selection on his belt badge. The Rifles’ Collection explains this as it takes you through our remarkable history. Of special note is the blank scroll in the bottom right of the belt badge. This scroll will always remain blank - waiting for tomorrow's Riflemen to follow their forefathers into the unique history of a Regiment that has always looked forward and been famous for its professional excellence on the battlefield.

Application process


    Once you've registered your interest to join, you will be asked for details including your nationality and age. HERE


    Now that you've applied, you'll be given a Candidate Support Manager (CSM). You can also follow your progress online. You'll be invited to your local career centre, where you'll be given a personal development plan to follow to help you get ready for the assessment centre.


    Your assessment will last for 2 days and will take place in one of our Assessment Centres in the UK. We will pay for your travel to get there and back.


    Once you’re through assessment there’s just some final paperwork to do before you’re ready to begin your Initial training (Phase 1)

More roles! More opportunities! Our Riflemen and their thoughts

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Applying for the Infantry


The Rifles is recruiting quality people just like you right now. To speak to someone about joining us and becoming a Rifleman, please get in touch with The Rifles’ Support Team.

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