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131 Commando Squadron

Commando Sapper Reserves

131 Commando Squadron is the Army Reserve sub-unit of 24 Commando Royal Engineers. Our part-time Commando Sappers work with their regular counterparts to enable 3 Commando Brigade to live, move and fight.



Active From

1 April 1947



Military Engineering




Our Skills

As Commando Sappers we are part of the Commando Force and are ready to deploy into any environment at short notice. On passing the Commando Course our personnel are awarded the coveted Green Beret and train to carry out a range of specialist tasks:

  • Littoral, urban, desert & jungle environments
  • Mountain & cold weather warfare
  • Demolition, denial, counter-mobility
  • Bridging, breaching, obstacle crossing
  • Reconnaissance, liaison, assessment
  • Construction, force protection, life support
  • Utilities & Critical National Infrastructure
  • Command, control & communications


Current Deployments

Atlantic Patrol Task North - Ready to deploy, so we can provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief during the Caribbean hurricane season.

Previous Deployments

Operation TRENTON - South Sudan
Operation HERRICK - Afghanistan

Our People

Our people are adventurous, fit and professional. Yet humble and always motivated to learn and improve.

We share a common Commando spirit, founded on the qualities of courage, determination, cheerfulness in the face of adversity and unselfishness.

131 Sqn Norway.png
Lance Corporal Will, 131 Commando Squadron RE

Our Location


You can join 131 Commando Squadron at these 3 Army Reserve Centres:

  • Headquarters Troop and 300 Troop, Honeypot Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 9QF
  • 301 Troop, Barrows Lane, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3BE
  • 302 Troop, Upper Bristol Road, Bath, BA1 3AE

We also recruit Commando-trained personnel with specific skills who live in other regions of the UK.

Lonergan Lines

Life as a Commando Sapper

My unit gives me a feeling of pride! Lance Corporal Will


Our unique Squadron allows our members to develop in their civilian careers or study, while enjoying the widest range of challenges, experiences and opportunities available anywhere in the Reserve Forces.

Being part of 24 Commando Royal Engineers, means you will be in one of the United Kingdom’s toughest, most versatile and well-travelled units. Sport and adventure training options are vast and the scope for operational service is high.

Contact us about earning your green beret and see where your Commando Sapper journey will take you.


131 Commando Squadron Timeline

131 Commando Squadron has served in over 60 nations and territories worldwide. Since 1978 it has supported the Royal Marines and Commando Forces. Before that it was a parachute unit, supporting the Parachute Regiment. The original ‘131’ was a field company in the Salonika Campaign during WW1.

  1. 1915-19

    131 Field Company RE served with 26 Division in the Salonika Campaign.

  2. 1947

    131 Airborne Engineer Regiment was formed in support of 16 Airborne Division.

  3. 1967

    Renamed 131 Independent Parachute Squadron, in support of 44 Parachute Brigade.

  4. 1978

    Re-roled as 131 Independent Commando Squadron, in support of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

  5. 2002-14

    183 members of the Squadron deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  6. 2015

    Re-roled as 131 Commando Squadron, as part of 24 Commando Royal Engineers.


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