REME soldiers are typified by our can-do attitude, we are practical by nature and are at our happiest when up to our elbows in oil and mud, in the middle of a stormy night, striving to get equipment fixed and back into the fight.

Our people are spread across the whole Army and every one is an ambassador, on point to deliver engineering excellence wherever and whenever it is needed. We are also well connected with industry and professional engineering institutions, taking our technical competence seriously, gaining credible qualifications and professional registration, embracing new technology and encouraging upskilling of the UK population through STEM engagement; a comforting and pleasing benefit is that our gifted tradespeople enjoy exceptionally successful second careers.

We are also soldiers who can turn our hand to anything; hurricane relief, public duties, whole town COVID testing or being effective infantry women and men. Key to this flexibility is the quality of our people and that we place opportunity and responsibility into the hands of our most junior soldiers.

World Class Training

New full time recruits are enrolled on apprenticeships and gain recognised qualifications, from NVQ through to degrees in Engineering. You can also gain professional recognition from Engineering Technician up to Chartered Engineer;  the Army will even pay your fees!

My next step is to return to training to learn how to become a supervisor. Which is one step closer to completing my HND. Kayleigh, aged 23, Vehicle Mechanic

"I joined the army at 17 years as it was something I had always wanted to do from a young age. 

I completed Basic Training then went onto my Trade Training as a Mechanic to gain my NVQ Level 2. It was during training where I learnt to drive, and gained car and HGV licenses. On completion of training, I was given my first assignment to 8 Field Company in Merville Barracks, Colchester.

During this time I was employed in the maintenance and repair of two fleets of vehicles, military and civilian, and was able to complete my NVQ Level 3 within my first 6 months of being at unit. 

I deployed on various military exercises all over world including Germany, Falklands and Kenya, as well as adventure training which involved skiing and snowboarding in Austria, abseiling down waterfalls in Kenya, coasteering in the South of England to name a few. I deployed on a battlefield tour to Normandy and I competed and came 1st female in the Exercise Craftsmen Runner which was a week of training culminating in a final race to the top and bottom of Scafell Pike."

Apprenticeships & Qualifications


  1. ITT

    Initial Trade Training at the Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering or the School of Army Aviation.

    Enrol on an advanced modern apprenticeship.

  2. Class 3/2

    On the job training in an Army unit, directly supervised.

    Complete your apprenticeship, gain a Level 3 qualification.

    Competent to work with indirect supervision, put your knowledge to use on a variety of equipment.

  3. Class 1

    Supervisor training, qualify to conduct inspections.

    Gain a DAO Level 4 Diploma.

    Register as an Eng Tech.

  4. Snr Sup

    Manage engineering and control production.

    Coach and mentor junior tradespeople.

  5. Artificer

    Lead engineering operations.

    Gain a DAO Level 5 Diploma (or BEng for Technicians).

    Register as an IEng.

  6. Engineering Officer

    Develop your technical leadership as an Engineering Officer.

    Register as an IEng.

    Demonstrate your experience in leading roles to register as a CEng or Fellow.

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The REME encourages you to gain professional recognition at every career step. We have amazing relationships and special registration processes with key engineering institutions.

In recognition of your professional excellence, the Army will pay your membership fees and there is currently a £3000 award for new Engineering Technicians and a £2000 reward for new Chartered Engineers, with the following institutions;



Sport is a great way to help individuals keep fit, and it helps the Army develop leaders and team players. As a member of the REME, you will take part in weekly physical training sessions, you will have free access to gyms and leisure facilities, you can play in sports clubs and teams and seize opportunities to compete at a higher level (REME, Army, Combined Service). The REME run 36 official sports clubs, with people taking part in activity during work and in their free time, at home and overseas.

Welcome back!

Rejoining the Army

Re-joins and transfers

If civilian life is not what you expected or you are currently serving in the Armed Forces and need a new challenge, or leaving Regular service and want to volunteer as a Reservist; there are many opportunities to change career to gain a trade in the REME. 

For serving personnel who wish to apply to join REME, speak to your Regimental Career Management Officer (RCMO) and start your "digital transfer" using the app on Defence Gateway.

For those who are leaving regular service, visit your local (home) Army Reserve unit and apply to transfer on an AFE7547.

Policy reference: Soldier Terms of Service (SToS)