Corps Engagement Team

The Corps Engagement Team

The CET are a small group of Army musicians dedicated to supporting potential applicants and gatekeepers in finding out more about careers in British Army music.

Who We Are

  • We are your initial point of contact before making an application to join British Army Music.
  • The CET will arrange visits for you to meet regular Army Bands.
  • Learn about exciting recruitment opportunities.
  • We encourage everyone who makes an application to experience British Army Music before applying.

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Get Involved

There are lots of options for musicians to discover more:

  • Spend a working day with a Band and join in rehearsals.
  • Take part in a concert with an Army Band.
  • Attend a masterclass or concert.
  • Attend an open day.
  • Apply for CAMUS Academies, held biannually. 

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Entry Levels

Junior Entry

This is classed as a continuation of secondary education and can be an alternative to college, 6th form or an apprenticeship. Junior soldiers will remain in training until 18 years old. Applicants who opt for this route undertake military training at Army Training Centre Harrogate, including an element of musical tuition and education.

  • Joining at 16-17 years old 
  • Spend 36 weeks learning basic soldiering skills
  • Followed by 52 weeks of music training at the Royal Military School of Music

Standard Entry

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CAMUS Academies

Apply for our CAMUS Academies held biannually. Each week is a perfect opportunity to experience life as a professional Army Musician;

  • Meet Army musicians
  • Join rehearsals
  • Take part in a joint concert
  • Experience Military Training 
  • It's FREE to take part and all food, travel and accommodation is provided.

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Outreach Resources

The Corps of Army Music regularly works with music educators and leaders providing support to engage, develop and inform young musicians about a professional career in music. We do this through practical music making activities, learning opportunities and creative ideas which allow us to promote military music to a musical audience;

  • Careers presentations
  • Musical coaching
  • Workshops
  • Combined concerts
  • Adjudicators for musical competitions
  • Conductors for large events
  • Single instrumental support
  • Partnerships with musical institutions
  • Project support - Higher Education assignments

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The Joining Process

Stage 1 - Apply online

Select the ‘Start your Army application’ and complete the candidate registration form. You will need to apply to join as a solider.

Stage 2 - Army Briefing

You will be invited to your local career centre, be given a personal development plan to follow and a Candidate Support Manager (CSM) to help you get ready for the assessment centre.

Stage 3 - Army Assessment

Your assessment will last for 2 days and will take place in one of our Assessment Centres in the UK. We will pay for your travel to get there and back.

This is your chance to see whether the Army is right for you, and for us to see whether you're suitable to join. During your stay, the assessment will include:

• A full medical examination
• Physical and mental tests
• Team exercises to see how you work with other people
• A short talk about yourself to a small group
• A career discussion

Stage 4 - Instrumental Audition

Your most local Army Band will act as a support for you to prepare for your music audition.

Your audition will take place at the Royal Military School of Music on your primary instrument, you will be required to perform:

• Two contrasting pieces
• Scales
• Sight reading
• A theory and aural assessment
• A short interview with the auditioning panel

Stage 5 - All assessments completed

• We will check your references and run a background check.
• If everything is okay we will send you an offer of employment.
• When you accept the offer, you'll be given a date to start your training and you will formally join (enlist) into the Army. How quickly you can start will depend on the job you've applied to do, the grade you were given at assessment and any personal commitments.

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Would you like your tuition fees paid for?

For a 4 year commitment to British Army Music, we are offering a bursary of up to £9,250 per year for up to a 3 year period to offset tuition fees during your studies.

Successful applicants will be required to complete the Army Application process to confirm their suitability to join the British Army as a musician. Alongside your studies, you will be encouraged to join an Army Reserve Band (where you could earn up to £5,000 in the first year), the University Officer Training Corps or attend frequent Army band events throughout the year.

After completing your studies, you must complete either Basic Training or Initial Trade Training at the Royal Military School of Music. After which you will earn a salary of over £20,000.

For more information on where the bursary auditions are being held in 2020, please contact us on 0208 744 8668.


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