Regional Selection


Regional Selection Overview

Regional Selection follows Registration and we will call you forward by District. It is very important you check this website so you know which day you must arrive.

Regional Selection takes place in British Gurkhas Pokhara followed by British Gurkhas Dharan.

Dates and further information


  • Regional Selection West: 13 August – 9 September
  • Regional Selection East: 17 September – 7 October

Regional Selection is the first time you will get tested against other Potential Recruits. You must prepare yourself properly and can use the training programmes on this page to help you.

If you make it through to the interview stage of Regional Selection and you do not get called forward to Central Selection, it is because you have not performed well enough over all. You might have passed everything but you simply have not scored highly enough.

We wish you all the very best in your preparation and look forward to meeting you at Regional Selection.

Physical tests

If you follow our 3 month PT training programme for regional selection, available as a download at the bottom of this webpage, you should be able to meet the requirements stated below.

However, the British Army and Singapore Police make no guarantees of success. You will be judged against your peers. The tests below are either best effort or pass/fail tests. For a pass/fail test, you only need to reach the minimum required standard.

For a best effort test, you must get the highest score possible to increase your overall score in Gurkha Selection.

  •  800 metre run in at least 2 minutes 40 seconds (best effort required) at least 70 sit-ups in 2 minutes (best effort required)

  • 12 underarm heaves (best effort required). Singapore Police must do overarm heaves.  A one lift 35kg powerbag (Minimum standard only pass/fail test). This is not applicable for the Singapore Police

  • 2 x 20 litre jerry can carry for 120 metres (Minimum standard only pass/fail test). This is not applicable for the Singapore Police

Education Tests

At Regional Selection candidates will sit a written maths and written English assessment.

  • The English assessment is designed to broadly test the candidates Functional Skills to Entry 2 standard.
  • The Maths assessment is designed to specifically test the candidates Functional Skills at Level 2 standard.
  • When answering questions, candidates must read the questions carefully before answering.  Providing too little, or even too much information does not show that the candidate has fully understood the question.
  • The literacy requirements are in line with wider army recruiting.  Further information relating to these standards can be found in the “Adult Literacy Core Curriculum”.


Being a good soldier, is not just about fitness and intelligence. You have to have the right character. Do you have courage? Do you have discipline?

Are you interested in being a soldier? The interview is our opportunity to see whether you are the sort of person who would fit in to the Brigade of Gurkhas or the Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore police. 

We want to know about you. We are not expecting you to be perfect. All we want to know is that you are honest,  interested and have the qualities to be a Gurkha soldier.

At Regional Selection, you will be interviewed by a Nepali Gurkha Officer and A British Gurkha Officer.

The interview will be in Nepali and English.

The interview will begin with mandatory questions about your family background. These are not designed to test you. You must simply answer them honestly.

We will then ask you questions based on the following topics:

  • Selfless Commitment and Teamwork
  • Courage and Discipline
  • Integrity and Respect for Others
  • Motivation, resilience and maturity
  • Military and brigade of Gurkhas knowledge
  • English Speaking

Both the Nepali and British Officer will ask questions and both will score you equally on each section.

Physical tests demonstration