Phase II - Initial Selection


Phase II - Initial Selection Overview

Those eligible from Phase One - Registration will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase Two - Initial Selection will be held at British Gurkhas Pokhara for both Western and Eastern Potential Recruits. 

The call forward list and dates for Phase Two - Initial Selection will be published on this website following Phase One - Registration. Those called forward must arrive on their designated date with the following documents; 

  • Own NPP
  • MRP or E–Passport
  • Completed 10 days Self Isolation Form (Form available in download section)
  • Completed “Medically Fit to Attend” Certificate

If you fail to bring one of the above documents or the forms are incorrectly filled, then you will be turned away.

Dates and further information

Phase II – Initial Selection dates:

  • GCSPF  3 – 27 Sept 22.
  • BA        2 Nov – 15 Dec 22.

The Call Forward List for Phase Two - Initial Selection will be published on 05 Aug 22 (20 Shrawan 2079).

Education Assessments

At Phase Two - Initial Selection candidates will sit a written English and mathematics assessments. These are designed to broadly test the candidates’ functional skills to Entry Level Two standards. 

When answering questions, candidates must read the questions carefully before answering. Providing too little, or even too much information does not show that the candidate has fully understood the question. The literacy and numeracy requirements are in line with wider British Army recruiting. Further information relating to these standards can be found in the “Adult Literacy Core Curriculum”.

Practice papers can be found in our download section.

Physical Assessments

In line with the British Army’s Physical Entry Standards (PES), the physical assessments are:

  1. Over Arm Heaves: Minimum 12 (best effort)
  2. 800m Run: Under 2 minutes and 30 seconds (best effort)
  3. Repeated Lift and Carry (Short): Under 1 minute and 46 seconds (best effort).

Best Effort. You must give your full effort in every test to achieve the highest score that you can. The better your score, the more points you will get and the more likely it is that you will be selected to attend Phase Three - Final Selection.

You can find videos demonstrating how to complete these tests below. 


Medical Requirements

At Phase Two - Initial Selection, there will be basic medical checks including blood pressure, long-distance eye test, colour perception, ear and functional movement.

This is to ensure that you are physically able to undergo Gurkha Selection. 

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be checked again and should be between 18 – 28.

You must bring a “Medically Fit to Attend” certificate found in our download section. This must be completed and signed and stamped by a doctor who is registered with the Nepal Medical Council. If it is not signed or stamped by a doctor, you will not be permitted to undergo Gurkha Selection. It is very important that you read this carefully.

Physical Demonstration - Heaves