Phase I - Registration



Those PRs who have successfully registered on Online Registration will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase One - Registration will be held at British Gurkhas Dharan for PRs from Provinces (1, 3 and 2), at British Gurkhas Pokhara for PRs from Provinces (4, 3, 5 and 2) and at Area Welfare Centre Bheri for PRs from Provinces (6, 7 and 5).   

The call forward list and dates for Phase One - Registration will be published on this website following Online Registration. 

Those called forward must arrive on the designated date, time and place with all their original documents. They will have to bring photocopies (in A4 size) of all original documents they submit. They are required to bring the following documents (Forms available in the download section):

  • Completed Application form (with a passport-sized photograph).
  • Completed Covid-19 Self-Isolation Declaration form.
  • Signed Privacy Policy and Consent Declaration Form - For BA applicants only

If you fail to bring the appropriate documents or correctly completed documents, you will be turned away. 

The PRs must complete a minimum of 12 over arm Heaves and must pass a basic medical test. At the end of the selection, an Area Recruiting Officer (ARO) will brief you on the process for the next stage of Gurkha Recruiting – Phase Two - Initial Selection.

Online Application Process

Online Registration will be open from 9 am Monday 4 April 2022 and all submissions must be completed before 5 pm Sunday 8 May 22. Applications submitted outside this window will not be accepted. 

Applicants must Register their full name, main caste, NPP number and district. If an applicant fails to register online, they will not be called forward for Phase One - Registration. The Call Forward List will be published on 14 May 2022.

Medical Requirements

At Phase One - Registration, there will be basic medical checks including Height, BMI, hyperextension, Teeth and Physics.

Medical Advice: The Medical guidelines can be downloaded. It is very important that you read this carefully. 

No Reapply list

If this is not your first attempt, please check the No Reapply List at the bottom of this page. Check the list to save yourself time and money - if your name is on the list, you cannot reapply.