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Phase 1 (Registration)



Those PRs who have successfully registered on our Online Registration Platform at the following link ( will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase 1 (Registration) will be held at British Gurkhas Pokhara, British Gurkhas Dharan and at Area Welfare Centre (AWC) Bheri in Surkhet. 

The Call Forward Lists are available on the download section.

  1. Successful PRs listed on the call-forward list must arrive at the designated date, time and place indicated.
  2. Successful PRs listed on the call-forward list must bring the original and one-sided A4 photocopies of:
    • NPP
    • Passport
    • Cast verification (if applicable)
    • Migration Certificate (if applicable, for example, when the application district and permanent residency as per the NPP issuing district are different)
    • Parents’ NPP
    • Education certificates (SEE Examination Mark Sheet, SEE Examination Certificate and Character Certificate)
    • Completed Application form for BA or GCSPF (this must match the choice made at online registration otherwise the application will not be valid) with a passport-size photograph.
    • Signed Privacy Policy and Consent Declaration Form - For British Army applicants only.
  3. If you fail to bring the required documents or current and correctly completed application form, then you will be disqualified.
  4. PRs must complete 12 over-arm heaves and must pass English and Mathematics tests.
  5. PRs must then pass a basic medical test.  

At the end of the selection, the Area Recruiting Officer (ARO) will brief you on the process for the next stage of Gurkha Recruiting – Phase 2 (Initial Selection). 

Online Application Process


Education Assessments

At Phase 1 (Registration), candidates will sit written English and mathematics assessments. These are designed to test the candidates to Functional Skills Entry Level Two standards. 

When answering questions, candidates must read the questions carefully before answering. Providing too little, or even too much information does not show that the candidate has fully understood the question.  

The literacy and numeracy requirements are in line with wider British Army recruiting.  

Further information relating to these standards can be found in the “Adult Literacy Core Curriculum”. 

Practise papers can be found in our download section. 

Medical Requirements

At Phase 1 (Registration), there will be basic medical checks including BMI (height & weight), Hyperextension, Teeth and Physical check. 

Medical Guidelines: The Medical guidelines can be downloaded, and it is very important that you read this carefully. 

No Reapply list

If this is not your first attempt, please check the No Reapply List in the download section. Check the list to save you time and money – if your name is on the list, you cannot reapply.