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This page has all the forms and checklist you will need for our services. This is to allow yourselves to be prepared in terms of putting together documents that will be needed for your applications. If you wish, you can download the form you need, complete, and submit via GVACs/DVAC, AWCs or GWACs (UK) and this may help reduce the need for your travels to these offices unnecessarily. If you require any help, contact the office near you.

We are here to help you and will do our utmost to deliver you the best service possible but please note we are governed by certain rules and regulations, on which we base our actions and decisions. We have to be transparent and accountable in everything we do, and this is the reason why we have to examine various documents issued by different authorities in Nepal and from overseas. This allows us to reliably verify and establish genuineness of applicants, their dependants and the evidence presented. By providing the documents in the checklists, you will not only make it easy for us (service provider) to conclude caseworks, but that will also help you (customer) to get our decisions faster.

Links of our Forms and checklists are as shown below:

Pension Forms

Records Office Checklists

Documents required are listed within the forms listed.

UK Settlement Forms

UK Settlement Checklists

Visa Application Link (

This will lead to all types of visa.

Records Office Forms

Records Office Checklists