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BGN Veteran Services’ mission is to deliver post-retirement administrative services (administer pension payment; and update, maintain & safeguards of records) and provide welfare support on UK settlement related matters to Gurkha veterans and their eligible dependants in order to fulfil BGN tasks.


Gurkha Veterans’ Advice Centres (GVAC)/Darjeeling Veterans’ Advice Centres (DVAC) are first point of contact for those wishing to receive our services.  Services from these offices are:

  • Pension Payment and its related documentation.
  • Recover over payments.
  • Life Certificate renewal.
  • Issuance of Earning Source Letter.
  • Assistance in the initial application to register births of children, adoption, disability of children, marriage, divorce, deaths and correct of your dependants’ names/DOBs.
  • Help apply for Family Details (Kindred Rolls) and Substitute copy of Lal Book (Certificate of Service/Service Details).
  • Assist process application for UK Settlement Visa for yourselves and your eligible dependants.
  • Provision of information on Life in the UK and welfare services there.
  • Setting up National Insurance after you have acquired ILE.
  • Respond to any other queries on Pension Payment, records matters and UK settlement issues.

Due to unreliability of postal services, we have started sending Life Certificates to overseas pensioners through emails and found this method to be very effective.  We are aiming to capture everyone living abroad this way by the end of this year.  Consequently, we encourage all pensioners to update their email addresses with us where possible – this will allow us to send our pensioners not only the life certificates but also expiry notices in good time.  Life Certificate can also be downloaded from this website, complete and have it verified through their nearest GVAC/DVAC/AWC; alternatively, pensioners living out of Nepal/India can also have their Life Certificates verified by the persons listed on the back page of the Certificate.  Those in the UK can still renew it through Gurkha Welfare Advice Centres (GWACs) in Salisbury or Aldershot.  However, pensioners in Nepal are required to visit their nearest GVAC/DVAC/AWC to have their Life Certificates verified as far as is practicable.

Please refer to GVAC/DVAC page below for contact details.

Gurkha Settlement Office

Gurkha Settlement Office (GSO) assist in processing settlement visa and provide information on life in the UK and welfare services available there.  Although this service is also available in GVACs/DVAC, you may need GSO help in certain situations as they have expertise on these matters.

Please see below the services GSO provide:

  • Assist ex-servicemen and their eligible dependants in filling up UK settlement application (ILE/ILR, Returning Resident, BRP lost and Vignette Transfer).
  • Provide factual information on welfare services in the UK.
  • Setting up National Insurance in liaison with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) UK on behalf of the Gurkha ex-servicemen and their eligible dependants after they have acquired visa.
  • Respond to any other queries regarding on UK settlement, welfare services and issues relating to life in the UK.
  • Liaison with Gurkha Welfare Advice Centre (GWACs) regarding UK settled pensioners issues and concerns

Please note all of our services are free of charge and we advise all of our veterans not to waste their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Fees charged by UKVI as at 15 August 2023 are as follows:

Please note these rates are subject to a bank charge; Standard Chartered Bank charges 3% for administering online transactions.    Therefore, you are advised to contact your nearest GVAC/DVAC/GSO for the exact cost before you proceed.

Please refer to GSO page below for contact details.

Records Office

Records Office works in the background processing changes in personal circumstances of the veteran population e.g. registration or birth, adoption, disability, marriage, divorce, death etc. and provision of Substitute copy of Certificate of Service (Lalbook) and Kindred Roll printout.


Usually, you are not required to visit Records Office unless you are specifically requested to or wish to.  This is because your requests are received, captured and forwarded here by GVACs/DVACs, GWACs (UK) and AWCs.

Please see below the services provided by the Records Office:

  • Process requests for registration of births, adoption, disable children, marriage, divorce, death and correction of dependants’ name/DOB.
  • Administer Pension Documentation.
  • Issuance of Family Details (Kindred Rolls).
  • Issuance of Substitute copy of Certificate of Service (Lal Book)/Service Details.
  • Act on Subject Access Requests.
  • Respond to queries from the Gurkha Veterans Community and Stakeholder Partners.
  • Provide verification letter to local authorities on personal details of the veterans and their eligible dependants.

Please refer to Records Office page below for contact details.