Army Medical Services

256 Field Hospital

256 London Field Hospital

256 Field Hospital is an Army Reserve unit based in London and is the city's only Army Medical Services Hospital.

Personnel from the Unit supported the NHS in creating the London Nightingale Hospital in London's ExCel Arena.

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Although 256 Field Hospital is based in London, we recruit from most of the south east of England. A, B and C detachments train on Tuesday evenings, D Detachment train on Wednesday and approximately two weekends per month.

Training could be anything from management of patients in an operational setting or military map-reading. We can offer high quality of training and operational experience to the motivated and enthusiastic volunteer.



Regimental Headquarters is co-located with A Detachment and holds the lead command structure of the Regiment as well as elements of administration.

The detachments welcome applications from healthcare professionals and any one who is interested in the support trades.

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • A Detachment
  • B Detachment
  • C Detachment
  • D Detachment

Land Rover Battlefield Ambulance

medical facilities It has a capacity for a combination of up to four stretchers or six seated casualties

Logistic vehicles