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The Military Provost Staff are the Army's specialists in Custody and Detention, providing advice, inspection and surety within custodial establishments. We are under direct command of the Provost Marshal (Army) and are based primarily at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) at Colchester. From here, we can deploy regularly in support of operations.

We are distinct from our civilian counterparts in HM Prison Service as we are manned wholly by volunteer transfers from the Armed Services. Our main task is to provide rehabilitation training within a secure environment, for Service personnel who are either to be retained in the Service or to be dismissed.

The manning of the detention companies within the MCTC and Service Custody Facilities and the provision of Corrective Training and Rehabilitation to service personnel under sentence, is our main role at home. We also provide a custodial service to the Forces conducting mandatory inspections of Unit custody facilities and providing CPERS training.

Critically we provide operational support through the provision of advice on CPERS handling through the Provost staff.


MPS - Regular

The Military Provost Staff (MPS) is a small but vital part of the Provost Branch of the Adjutant General's Corps.

The MPS provides custodial care services to the Armed Forces. The MPS is responsible for the discipline, security, welfare and rehabilitation of Service personnel committed to Service Detention

MPS - Regular


MPS - Reserve

The MPS Reserve is an integral part of the British Army, fulfilling a vital role in the nation's defence and peacekeeping operations, both at home and abroad.

It is staffed by spare-time, voluntary personnel working alongside their regular counterparts.

MPS - Reserve


Military Corrective Training Centre

The Military Corrective Training Centre is an establishment that provides corrective training for those servicemen and women sentenced to periods of detention; it is not a prison.

The principal function of the MCTC is to detain personnel, both male and female, of the three Services and civilians subject to the Armed Forces Act, in accordance with the provisions of the Service Custody and Service of Relevant Sentences Rules 2009.


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