ETS Recruitment


Learning Development Officer (LDO)

LDOs work wherever the Army is based and provide officers and soldiers with the military knowledge and functional skills required to be effective in their job and to progress in their careers. LDOs deliver Command, Leadership and Management courses to officers and soldiers and deliver and assure Army Instructor Development.

Army Foundation College (AFC) Instructor

AFC Instructors teach and train junior soldiers aged 16 and 17 on topics such as Military Studies and Personal and Team Development.

Army Training Regiment (ATR) LDO

ATR LDOs will work at one of the Phase 1 training establishments, looking after the educational and professional development of the soldiers and the permanent staff.

Army School of Education (ASE) Instructor

ASE Instructors will be teaching either ETS Young Officers on the Branch Training (BT) Course, serving soldiers on the Potential Officers’ Development Course (PODC) in preparation for AOSB or Officer Cadets on the Pre-RMAS (PRMAS) course in preparation for entry into the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).


Linguist Training and Teaching

Learning a foreign language on either a 10-week or 18-month language course at the Defence School of Languages. Once qualified they will deliver language tuition in a broad range of contexts from deployments on operational tours, routine language teaching (French and Arabic) to Brigade units and support to Short Term Training Teams. ETS Officers may also deliver English Language Training to Gurkha soldiers, overseas RMAS OCdts and increasingly to foreign armies as part of Defence Engagement tasks.

Officer Tutor

Officer Tutors deliver education to officers as part of the Officer Career Development programme, involving elements of the Junior Officer Leadership Programme (JOLP3), Military Analysis (MA) modules and the Captains’ Warfare Course.

Training Development Advisor (TDA)

TDAs provide specialist education and training advice including course design, development, assessment and evaluation. They ensure that all personnel receive training and education appropriate for their role and appointment.

Qualifications you can receive

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education & Training) (PGCE (PCET)) from Southampton University
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PG Dip) in Education
  • Masters (MSc) in Educational Practice and Innovation
  • Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA/TEFL)
  • Other qualifications – determined by the posts you fill – are Language and Accredited Management Qualifications

Your first posting

You will begin your career as a Learning Development Officer (LDO) or as a Military Instructor at the Army Foundation College (Harrogate) (AFC(H)). As an LDO you will work in an Army Education Centre instructing and developing soldiers in a variety of subjects ranging from Defence Studies to Command, Leadership and Management; preparing the for the responsibilities of promotion.

You will also be responsible for delivering Cultural Awareness and Language Training to all units. You may also have the opportunity to deliver English Language Training in places such as Libya or the DR Congo.

At AFC(H) you will teach and train junior soldiers aged 16 -17 on topics such as Military Studies and Personal and Team Development. Your input as an instructor ensures the soldiers leave not only as trained soldiers but also with recognised academic and vocational qualifications.

You will have high levels of responsibility early in your career, typically expecting to be the principal education advisor to the Commanding Officer of a unit. You will also complete your PGCE (PCET) within your first 18 months in the ETS. The role requires you to be professional, approachable and to perform to the highest standards in barracks and on operations.

Join the ETS Reserves

More than 120 new Army ETS(R) posts are being established between 2012 and 2018. Like their Regular counterparts, all ETS (R) officers will be professionally qualified learning development specialists. We are recruiting on a national basis, seeking to find the best people for the job. You will require a Level 5 or above teaching qualification and Honours degree in order to join.

ETS (R) officers will teach both Regular and Reserve officers and NCOs undertaking career development courses.

If you are interested in joining the ETS (R) please contact SO3 ETS Reserve Recruiting on 01962 887598 or email a CV to [email protected]