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Medical discharge

While some soldiers will be able to return to duty following an injury or illness, this is not always possible or necessarily the best option for them.

Soldiers who are going to be medically discharged and transition to civilian life, will need to have their recovery plan and mission adapted to focus on what they need for their career and life outside the Army.

All soldiers leaving the Army will go through a resettlement package, which includes employment courses, work placements, training and education. If soldiers are being medically discharged with an injury or illness that means they require additional assistance in finding employment, their Personnel Recovery Officer will submit an application to the Defence Transition Assessment Board for them to access the Recovery Career Services (RCS).

The RCS is designed to offer a specialist career service to those with the greatest barriers to employment, be it a physical injury, a psychological condition, or a terminal illness.

RCS regional specialist employment consultants will give one to one support in career choices, while a separate team of consultants work with external employers in a range of industries from banking to agriculture to source adapted work placements and employment opportunities.

In addition to this, the RCS operates the Recovery Career Services Portal as a virtual career office where soldiers can post their CV, read about the corporate employers who are offering job opportunities, and also browse the options currently listed.

Not all soldiers who are medically discharged will be referred to the RCS as over half wounded, injured and sick soldiers leaving the Army do not need specialist consultants. The service is therefore based on need as to who will benefit from it, but is not a closed shop so even those who aren’t referred to the RCS will still be able to access the portal as a wounded, injured or sick soldier being medically discharged.

The date for the medical discharge is set by Army Personnel Centre Glasgow.

Recovery Career Services

Learn more about the Recovery Career Services for transition support

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