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Full Medical Board

Throughout your recovery there will be a number of different medical boards to assess your progress and your needs to support this progress. As each case is different, there is no set number of medical boards, or who will be involved in them, but your Personnel Recovery Officer (PRO) will be able to talk to you about the relevant medical boards for you. If you are unsure about the process you must talk to your PRO.

If your injury or illness could result in a medically discharge, your case will be put forward to a Full Medical Board, which is presided over by an Occupational Medicine Consultant. The board will review your medical condition to determine if you will be able to return to duty or if you should be discharged from the Army on medical grounds.

If it is clear from the onset that you will be able to return to duty, you case will be assessed by a medical board but will not be put forward to a Full Medical Board.

If the Full Medical Board recommends a medical discharge, it will also give an indication of a date for the discharge which will depend on the nature of the injury and illness and how long you will need to recover/rehabilitate to be able to enter civilian life. This date gives you something to work towards, but will always be discussed with you.