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Recovery units

Personnel Recovery Units (PRU) are specialist units that provide command and care for wounded, injured and sick soldiers who require more support than their unit are able to provide. There are 11 PRUs across the UK, and one in Germany. If you need the support of a PRU, you will be assigned to the one closest to where you live (unless requested otherwise) so you can remain close to your family and support network, as well as the medical provisions already in place for you.

Transfers to a PRU are decided by the Army Recovery Capability Assessment Board (ARCAB). Not every application to the ARCAB results in a transfer to a PRU as sometimes your unit is providing you with the best support you need in your recovery. There is also limited capacity at the PRUs, so priority is given to WIS soldiers with the greatest needs.

If you are not assigned to a PRU it will not affect your recovery as you will still have the same access to all the facilities, courses and support you need, you will just do this through your regular unit.

As with any military posting to another unit, if you are transferred to a PRU you will come under the command of the Commanding Officer of the PRU rather than your original unit. You will also be allocated a dedicated Personnel Recovery Officer (PRO) rather than the Unit Welfare Officer who had been looking after you.

As PRUs are not residential facilities, your PRO will be your main point of contact in assisting you through your Individual Recovery Plan. Depending on where you live, and your specific recovery needs, your PRO will visit you at least once every 14 days and discuss your case reviews with you. If you require more frequent visits then you need to discuss this with your PRO.

Transfer lengths to a PRU vary depending on your needs, but on average are around 18 months before you are either able to return to duty or transition into civilian life.

Personnel Recovery Units

Learn about the Army Recovery Capability's personnel recovery units around the UK and Germany