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Medical treatment

Medical treatment following injury or illness overseas:

If you are evacuated to the UK from operations for medical treatment you will most likely be admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and possibly transferred onwards to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court.

After your initial treatment you may be referred to a specialist unit in an NHS hospital, or if you require further treatment after a period of sick leave you might be referred to a hospital or rehabilitation centre that is closer to you.

Medical treatment following injury or illness in the UK:

If you are receiving medical treatment from your local Med Centre, your Medical Officer (MO) might refer you to a specialist unit at an NHS hospital. You can request this referral be local to either your home address or unit address depending on which is the most convenient.

In all instances, your treatment and referrals will be individual to you to get you the best care possible.

If you are admitted into hospital a Military Liaison Officer will monitor your progress on a daily basis and liaise with your unit Visiting Officer.

No matter what your injury, your Recovery Officer, be it a military liaison officer, unit welfare officer or personnel recovery officer, will visit you at least once every 14 days at your home, hospital or convenient location and update your records on WISMIS.

Your case will then be reviewed every 28 days when your recovery officer will go through your Individual Recovery Plan to check that progress is being made, and update the recommendations if needed.

If you are not receiving visits or having your case reviewed, you must speak to your Unit Welfare Officer of Chain of Command.