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Point of injury

Injury or illness in the UK:

If you are unwell or injured whilst in the UK you should report to your Medical Officer (MO) who will treat you accordingly or refer you if needed. If you suffer an injury outside your camp and are taken to A&E, you are responsible for reporting the incident and any treatment to your MO so that your medical records can be updated accordingly and any sick leave required authorised.

Sickness for less than seven days:

If you are expected to be sick for less than seven days, you will be monitored by your unit and return to work when you are fit to do so. If you are sick for less than seven days you will not come under the Army Recovery Capability.

Sickness for more than seven days:

If you are expected to be absent from duty for more than seven days through injury or illness, your unit will assess your recovery and enter your details into the Army’s Wounded Injured and Sick Management Information System (WISMIS).

Injury or illness on Operations:

If you are wounded, injured or sick whilst on operations you will be immediately admitted to the Camp Bastion hospital and transferred back to the UK for continued treatment if needed. As you are evacuated your details will automatically be uploaded onto the WISMIS system, and your unit notified.

Wounded, injured or sick soldiers needing hospital treatment will most likely be admitted to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and later the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court if needed. Both provide world-class medical treatment and rehabilitation. In some cases you will be admitted to a specialist hospital for treatment. Your sole priority at this stage is your treatment.

If you are in hospital the Military Liaison Officer will monitor your progress on a daily basis and liaise with your unit Visiting Officer.

No matter what your injury, your Recovery Officer, be it a military liaison officer, unit welfare officer or personnel recovery officer, will visit you at least once every 14 days at your home, hospital or convenient location and update your records on WISMIS.

Your case will then be reviewed every 28 days when your recovery officer will go through your Individual Recovery Plan to check that progress is being made, and update the recommendations if needed.

If you are not receiving visits or having your case reviewed, you must speak to your Unit Welfare Officer of Chain of Command.


Learn more about WISMIS and how the system is used to suport wounded, injured and sick soldiers.