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The role of the Sniper is to locate, observe and destroy key enemy personnel and equipment with indirect and direct precision fire

Sniping is a technical and demanding skill which requires determined, well-trained soldiers who are highly competent in all aspects of field-craft and a marksman with the rifle.

The L115A3 is a large calibre bolt-action rifle that fires an 8.59mm round. Equipped with the 5-25 x 56 Schmidt and Bender Telescopic sight, it gives a competent sniper the ability to achieve a precision shot at up to 400m, achieve a first round hit of a man size target at 900m and provide harassing fire out to 1500m.

The L115A3 Sniper system comes with a several sights, allowing the Sniper to operate in all conditions, both day and night. Other elements of the Sniper System include spotting scopes, laser range finders, wind meters and tripods.

  • Calibre – 8.59mm
  • Weight – 6.0lg (with magazine fitted)
  • Feed – 5 round box magazine
  • Effective range – 1200m





Sniper Platoon Commander

CSgt - Capt

Advise and employ the Sniper Platoon.

2 iterations of each course per year.  All 2 courses run concurrently to allow the platoon to train together in role.

Sniper Section Commander

Cpl - CSgt

Learn the core skills to train Snipers in unit and on distributed courses.  Tactical employment of the Sniper Section.

Sniper Operator

Pte – CSgt

Learn the core skills to become a Sniper.  Tactical employment of a Sniper Pair.

This is a distributed course run at Brigade or Divisional level.