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Military training

All soldiers, no matter what badge they wear on their beret are expected to be proficient in military skills. Every member of the Royal Signals is a soldier first, tradesman second. In order to keep to this standard, military training is a high priority at 11 (RSS) Sig Regt.

Types of Training

As a trainee soldier, military skills learnt in basic training are revised and refreshed during troop training, run by the duty of care troops. Each week activities such as patrolling, section attacks and casualty evacuations are revised.

Weekend exercises such Harrogate Folly or Catterick Culmination allow soldiers to practise these skills away from Blandford Camp in specialist training environments.

Gordons Cup is an annual military skills competition which competes the two main Squadrons against each other. This gruelling all day competition gives soldiers the opportunity to compete against each other in activities such as shooting, chemical warfare, first aid and the assault course.

Each trainee must complete Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) before leaving the Regiment which hones in on individual basic soldier skills ensuring they are of a high level before leaving the Regiment.

Those soldiers lucky enough to be promoted at the end of their course will also have to complete a PNCO course, which focusses on being able to lead a fire team in a combat environment.