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Leadership training

Soldiers that choose to become a REME Technicians have the opportunity to be promoted to Lance Corporal at the end of their Phase 2 technical training.

Due to this unique opportunity they have to be provided with the skills needed to lead other soldiers at a time in their careers when they have not had the opportunity to gain much military experience.

Command and Leadership Development (CLD) Course

The aim of this training package is to develop the command and leadership skills of our soldiers and to begin the process of preparing them to successfully complete the Potential Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) course that will be completed at the end of Phase 2 training. During the CLD course soldiers will practice their problem solving skills, gain experience as a leader of a small team, improve their personal confidence and develop their presentation skills. They will also receive advice from the Commanding Officer and Padre on issues like moral aspects of being a leader and the different leadership styles that can be used.

Potential Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) Course

Soldiers that complete their Phase 2 training to become Technicians will complete the PNCO cadre. Other trades will complete the PNCO course at a field force unit usually within 2-3 years of leaving Phase 2 training. Soldiers on this course are trained to become leaders and assessed on their abilities to lead other soldiers in a barracks and a field/exercise environment. During the course the soldiers are tested physically and mentally culminating in a confirmatory exercise over 3-4 days and nights that enable them to demonstrate their leadership ability and military skills.