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Avionics technician

Avionics Technicians are responsible for carrying out maintenance on the electrical and electronic systems of the Army’s manned aircraft including Apache, Lynx and Wildcat helicopters and unmanned aircraft including Watchkeeper and Desert Hawk 3.

The maintenance of these aircraft will include inspection, fault diagnosis, modification and repair of avionic, electrical and weapons systems.
Once any aircraft maintenance is complete, Avionics Technicians have the necessary knowledge required to certify their work and prepare the aircraft for flight. The ability to sustain high standards of engineering integrity whilst working under pressure and within demanding environments are essential for flight safety.

As well as the possibility of commanding a team of Avionics Technicians, the job of an Avionics Technician allows progression to become a REME Artificer, who is a soldier that has been selected by showing they have great potential in their command, leadership and technical skills to become a technical leader within the REME.

Successful completion of the Artificer course leads to promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant with further progression available to the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.

Avionics Technician training last for 50+ weeks and includes:

  • Electrical and Electronic principles
  • Analogue Systems
  • Vehicle Electrics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Micro controllers and Digital communications
  • Workshop Technology
  • Electrical Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Optical Systems
  • Communication Information Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Instruments
  • Weapon Systems