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The aim of the Welfare Office is to provide a confidential welfare support service that is responsive to the needs of the soldiers, families and the Chain of Command. It must fulfil statutory requirements and help maintain operational effectiveness of service personnel.

To meet this aim the Welfare Office provides primary support to help alleviate the potential issues associated with military service.

How can we help?

There are five key areas in which the Welfare Office works:

1. Aiding social integration – to help individuals and families settle into their new surroundings.
2. Providing a helping service – the Unit Welfare Officer and his staff are not counsellors; however, by applying appropriate training, coupled with experience gained during military service, they can provide a confidential and supportive service.
3. Liaising with other welfare agencies – it is key that the right level of support is given to those in need. The Welfare Office will signpost individuals to an agency that can help, the Army Welfare Service being the primary source of assistance.
4. Support during periods of separation – separation from familiar locations, families of origin, spouses, partners and children is an inevitable feature of Army life. We play a critical role in helping individuals and families manage this separation.
5. Providing Information – we keep soldiers and families informed of local events.


The effectiveness of the Welfare Office is directly related to the trust in which it is held by those who request our help. Information that is divulged is held in the strictest confidence and will only be discussed with another party if we have permission to do so.

There are some exceptions to this rule when confidentiality may have to be broken because of the requirements of the law and the exceptional needs of the Army. These are:
• child protection issues
• when there is a risk of harm to yourself or others
• if there is or likely to be a serious breach of national security
• to prevent a serious criminal act
• if there has been a serious contravention of military law
• if the soldier is unable to carry out his/her duties
• if the individual is aged under 18

Welfare Contacts

Chatham – 1RE-Welfare-UWO@mod.uk

Minley – 3RE-Welfare-UWO@mod.uk

Melton Mowbray - DAC-HQ-People-Welfare@mod.uk

Bicester - DEMSTrg-UWOB@mod.uk

Kineton – DEMSTrg-UWOK@mod.uk

Twickenham – RMSM-WELFARE@mod.uk