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Pre-Commissioning Course Briefing Course

This page complements the PCCBC course which all Officer Candidates must attend. This information is kept up to date and reflects any amendments made to the Joining Instructions issued to Officer Candidates prior to attendance on the Commissioning Course (CC).

PCCBC is a mandatory part of the CC. PCCBCs normally take place from Monday afternoon (latest arrival time is 1400 hours) until Wednesday evening (approximately 1800 hours). The course orientates Officer Candidates to the demands of the CC and gives some idea of the challenges ahead. There are opportunities to meet Directing Staff and Officer Cadets in training. Administrative details will be covered and combat boots are issued so that they can be worn-in prior to the start of the CC.

The full Initial Medical Examination is conducted. No one may start on the CC without having passed this Medical. A Personal Fitness Assessment is also carried out. Anyone who fails the test may be deferred to a future course to allow for sufficient preparation. This is to minimise the possibility of injury during the early stages of training on the CC.

Officer Candidates need to bring a number of key documents with them on the CC and it is strongly recommended that they gather these together and keep them in a folder so that they are to hand when required by the Academy administrative staff.

  • National Insurance Number
  • National Health Service Number
  • UK Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Qualification
  • Marriage Certificate (if you are married)
  • Contract of Employment. Officer Candidates will be sent a Notice Paper - Regular Army - Full Time (Army Form B271W (4/01)). This outlines their contract of employment. The conditions will be explained and Officer Candidates will be required to complete this at the PCCBC, so they must ensure they arrive with all the details to hand. The actual swearing in ceremony (Oath of Allegiance) takes place at the start of the Commissioning Course, together with signing the Attestation Paper, which amounts to the signing of the contract of employment.

E-mail enquiries may be directed to ocac@rmas.mod.uk

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