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Welfare at DST

Welfare Support Overview

As a Defence School, DST has a range of Arms and cap badges who may require some form of welfare support.  DST has an obligation to support welfare to all training personnel from Phase 2 and Phase 3 both military & civil service, as well as the enablers, Permanent Staff and there dependants.

To enable this diverse support, the Welfare Team, headed by the Unit Welfare Officer, comprises of a number of supporting agencies Student Focus Team, Padre, WRVS, HIVE, AWS, SSAFA but to mention a few.  Each supporting agency has received a unique level of training, have a unique method of supporting, but all have one aim, which is to make those who require assistance comfortable, provide the correct level of information, provide the appropriate support and all done within the code of confidentiality.


Unit Welfare Office

The Unit Welfare Office is located in building 611, HQ Squadron.  The Unit Welfare Office is the focal point for Welfare Support across DST.  Due to its location, it is the initial point of contact for support to the Permanent Staff and their dependants that said, no one who seeks support would be turned away.  In addition, the office is responsible for a number of other functions including News Updates, welfare notices, housing issues and signposting to other supporting agencies if required.  This office also manages the booking for the community centre and contact house as well as engaging with the community authorities.


Student Focus Team (SFT)

The Student Focus Team is located within Hangar 1 and provides welfare support to students undergoing training whilst at the DST.

The primary aim is to support students and their Chain of Command by the removal of any worries they may have and also to use appropriate signposted support to deal with any issues or concerns as they arise.  In addition and concurrently provide effective arrangements for duty of care and welfare to ensure every student has the best possible chance of success in their training.


Pastoral Support

The Padre can be located in the Chapel or around the barracks conducting various visits. The Padre's main role is the spiritual and moral welfare of all personnel within the Unit.  The Padre and the assisting Padres are responsible for contributing to the wellbeing of the Unit. Multi-faith Pastoral support is offered and a Multi-faith Pray facility is provided.

Every member of the Military Community has the right of access to the Padre at all times and confidentiality is maintained on all matters.



The WRVS centre is located above the COSTA coffee shop.  This is a friendly, relaxing and alcohol free environment.  The Staff offer a confidential listening ear and practical support to single and unaccompanied Service Personnel who are often away from their family and friends for extended periods.

It provides the following facilities:

  • Free internet
  • Snooker tables
  • Cinema and Television Rooms
  • Playstation & XBOX gaming area



The HIVE Information Centre is located to the side of Building 611, next to the Post Room.  It offers an extensive range of information on Relocation, the local Unit and Civilian facilities, places of interest, Schools and Further Education, Housing, Healthcare facilities, Employment and Training opportunities for Service Personnel and their families.



The AWS community worker is located within 36 Lissett Close and the DST Community Centre.  The main role of this worker is to provide young person’s support and interaction with other young persons of similar ages within the community.  The AWS worker facilitates a number of youth clubs as well as opportunities to complete the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, out of bound excursions and a learn to life experiences for life skills.  The young persons have a fantastic support network, which includes a number of volunteer helpers who were once members to the club.


The following sources are available to provide impartial and confidential advice and support:

 Unit Welfare Officer 01904 665510
 Unit Welfare Clerk 01904 664921
 OC Student Focus Team 01904 665538
 Student Focus Team (SFT) 01904 665436
 Unit Padre  01904 665432
 WRVS 01904 665458
AWS 01904 665458
Details for Out of Hours contacts can be sort via the DST Guardroom 01904 665241