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All Pegasus Company (P Coy) courses are attended by volunteers from across the British Army who want to serve with Airborne Forces.

The common standards, both in the training and selection of prospective airborne soldiers, form a key part of The Parachute Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade’s ethos and culture.

The P Coy programme takes students beyond their own appetite for challenge, testing their physical and mental robustness, and in doing so, assessing their commitment and suitability to serve with Airborne Forces.

P Coy delivers the following courses:

All Arms Pre-Parachute Selection

All serving officers and soldiers who wish to join an Airborne Unit must attend All Arms Pre-Parachute Selection. The course lasts 3½ weeks and is split into three phases.


Phase 1

  • Screening – held on the first Monday of the course, comprising the Combat Fitness Test, an eight-mile squadded march carrying a 35lb bergen (plus water) and weapon, conducted in the standard British Army time of 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • Trainasium – aerial confidence course.
  • Basic Fitness Assessment – 1½-mile run, which must be completed in under 9½ minutes.


Phase 2

Build Up – this phase lasts 2½ weeks and is a progressive physical build up to Test Week. It also includes a military skills package, which delivers the most recent operational tactics, techniques and procedures in order to prepare students for service with their Airborne Unit.


Phase 3

Test week – as detailed here.

Recruit Test Week

P Coy delivers Test Week to Parachute Regiment recruits in Week 21 of the Combined Infantry Syllabus.

The Test Week undertaken by recruits is identical to the one undertaken in Week 3 of the AAPPS.

More information about Test Week is available here.

Army Reserve Pre-Parachute Selection

P Coy delivers a condensed four-day Pre-Parachute Selection course tailored to the requirements of the 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) and other Reserve Airborne Units.

It differs only slightly from the Regular Army’s Test Week – the main differences being one less event (endurance march), extra time allocated to the 10-miler (10 minutes), the steeplechase (1½ minutes) and the two-miler (1 minute).

More information about Test Week is available here.

Army Reserve Combat Infantryman Course

P Coy delivers a 12-day Combat Infantryman Course (CIC) to recruits from the 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA).

The CIC includes instruction on fieldcraft, shooting, platoon-level tactics and a five-day exercise. The CIC is immediately followed by the Army Reserve Pre-Parachute Selection Test Week.

More information about Test Week is available here.

Exercise Airborne Student

This is a nine-day intensive course for officer cadets from the 19 University Officer Training Corps.
Exercise Airborne Student includes tuition on fieldcraft, section-level tactics, patrolling and a two-day confirmatory battle exercise.

Exercise Airborne Student culminates with Army Reserve Pre-Parachute Selection Test Week.

More information about Test Week is available here.