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Vehicle mechanics

Army vehicles are built to withstand a lot of punishment due to the complex nature of operations and training, but the Army will always need our Vehicle Mechanics to keep our vehicles moving.

Vehicle Mechanics are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all wheeled and tracked vehicles used by the British Army including heavy armoured vehicles such as the Challenger 2 main battle tank; light tracked vehicles such as the fleet of Warrior armoured fighting vehicles and wheeled vehicles such as the Mastiff and Foxhound Protected Mobility fleet.

The role of a Vehicle Mechanic is to work out what’s gone wrong with the vehicle and then to repair it. After around 20 weeks of technical training you will be taught to drive many of the vehicles you will be called upon to maintain and inspect, so you will gain your Cat C (Car) and Cat C (HGV) driving licences as a minimum.

As well as the possibility of commanding a team of Vehicle Mechanics, the job of a Vehicle Mechanic allows progression to become a REME Artificer, who is a soldier that has been selected by showing they have great potential in their command, leadership and technical skills to become a technical leader within the REME.

Vehicle Mechanics can expect their trade training to last around 20 weeks and they receive training in:

  • Workshop procedures
  • Workshop general engineering
  • Electrical repair
  • Repair techniques
  • Hydraulics
  • Environmental Cooling Systems
  • Crane operator
  • Engine technology
  • Transmission technology
  • Tracked vehicle technology
  • Heavy Cat B vehicle technology