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Armourers maintain, repair and modify all of the Army’s weapons, whether they are simple rifles and pistols or complex heavy weapons like the 155mm weapon system on the AS90 tracked artillery vehicle or the 120mm weapon system on the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

The role of an Armourer is varied and important – you will have to have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the Army’s weapons, and there’s no room for error with a weapon system that can fire shells over distances of 30 km. Every unit has its own weapons, so they depend on the REME Armourer to ensure they are ready to fight.

The complexity of modern weapons means that Armourers have to use a range of precision equipment and they are shown how to achieve high standards of accuracy in their work. As well as the possibility of running your own armoury, the job of armourer allows progression to become a REME Artificer, who is a soldier that has been selected by showing they have great potential in their command, leadership and technical skills to become a technical leader within the REME.

Successful completion of the Artificer course leads to promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant with further progression available to the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.

Armourers can expect their trade training to last around 30 weeks and they receive detailed training in:

  • Workshop technology and procedures
  • Small arms general principles
  • Light weapons
  • Support weapons
  • Vehicle-mounted weapon systems
  • Instruments and sighting systems
  • Associated equipment
  • Driving licence acquisition