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Phase 1: Weeks 1-7

The 14-week training course (known as the Common Military Syllabus) is delivered at ATC Pirbright over two seven-week terms, separated by a long weekend.

The key events over the 14 week CMS are as follows:

Week 1: Attestation (a formal ceremony to join the British Army), kit issue, administration, weapons training and Exercise Icebreaker (teaching Exercise) - your first night in the field.

Week 2: Weapons training, introduction to foot drill and Military Swim Test.

Week 3: Weapon training, physical development and potted sports.

Week 4: Weapon Handling Test, introduction to Live Firing and Platoon Commanders Activity Day.

Week 5: Exercise First Night (Teaching Exercise) 2 nights in the field, followed by Exercise Valliant Spirit - a trip to Ypres (Realities of War).

Week 6: Live firing, Chemical/Biological/Nuclear/Radiation training.

Week 7: Phase 2 Visits (a chance to see where you are going next and meet others like you who have already passed out), foot drill test, families’ day (a chance for your family to come and visit you) and a long weekend.

Common Military Syllabus - Exercise Ice Breaker