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2nd Infantry Training Battalion

‘Delivering specialized Infantry training for an uncertain world’

2ITB is unique in its standing within the ITC. In addition to delivering the Infantry Combat Infantry Course we cater for the specialized Infantry elements:

  • GUARDS COY – trains recruits for the Guardsmen of the Household division.
  • PARA COY – trains recruits for the Parachute regiment.
  • PEGASUS (P) COY – delivers phase 3 training for soldiers and officers (inc All Arms and Reserve) to serve with Airborne Forces.
  • Parachute Training Support Unit – delivers trained military parachutists for operations. PTSU is based in Brize Norton and has a long-established relationship with the RAF’s No 1 Parachute Training School.
  • GURKHA COY – trains recruits for the Brigade of Gurkhas.
  • ANZIO COY – delivers Phase 2 training for the Junior Entry Infantry recruits from the Army Foundation College Harrogate and the Reserve.

Guards Training Company

Guards Training Company provides Guardsmen to the 5 regiments of Foot Guards.  The Household Division’s unique role sees a Guardsman as an infantry soldier first, but he is also able to protect the Royal Family and conduct high profile state ceremonial parades in the public eye.  Fiercely proud of our history and role, key to being a Guardsman are our ethos, traditions and family approach that stem from this pride; once a Guardsman always a Guardsman.  The role demands a high standard of self-discipline but in return offers a number of diverse opportunities that are not available elsewhere, such as the Guards Parachute Platoon. 

Guards Training Company is unique in that it delivers the Combat Infantryman’s’ Course Guards, it is two weeks longer than the normal Infantryman’s course as it also incorporates ceremonial drill.  Guards Training Company trains not only senior entry recruits but also junior entry phase 2 from AFC (H).  The culmination of the training is a demanding final exercise and a Company Commander’s Drill Test to prove you are at the standard required for operations and ready to carry out state ceremonial public duties; twice the man!

Guards Training Company works closely with Headquarters London District and Household Division and Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses to support the Household Divisions training needs.

Parachute Regiment Training Company

The Parachute Regiment Training Company is one of four training companies within 2 ITB.  It is charged with all recruit training for those individuals who have taken up the challenge of becoming a paratrooper.  PARA Coy instructors deliver the Combat Infantryman’s Course (PARA) which is 28 weeks long (with 2 weeks additional driver training at the end) and takes anyone from the street, no matter what their background and turns them into Parachute Regiment soldiers.  The syllabus includes modules of fitness, marksmanship, navigation, adventure training, drill and battlefield casualty drills.  There are also a series of challenging tactical field exercises where recruits will learn their trade, enabling them to one day operate in a variety of climates and continents, independently and potentially out of reach from immediate resupply or support.

PARA Coy instructors are comprised entirely of Parachute Regiment soldiers and officers who are constantly striving to excel in their mission to deliver innovative, demanding and challenging training.  They create the environment to develop professional, intelligent and robust individuals who can work as part of a close-knit, effective and motivated team, who will become the paratroopers of the future.

P Coy


Gurkha Training Company

Gurkha Company trains recruits for the Brigade of Gurkhas (all are Infantrymen first). There is one intake per year and the CIC is 39 weeks. Prior to this, recruits are selected to join in Nepal by British Gurkhas Nepal (BGN) Recruiting Cell; a separate branch of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Only Nepalese citizens are permitted to undertake this process, which takes up to 6 months and filters over 8,000 applicants down to 240 recruits. The Gurkha CIC is unique, in that it not only trains Nepalese civilians for service in the British Army, but also that it develops English language ability, cultural awareness and ability to live in Britain. This ranges from learning how to take public transport, to understanding the British Parliamentary system.

Gurkha Company has a proud heritage of providing Recruit Training; starting originally in various training establishments along the border of India, Pakistan and Nepal.  In 1951 it moved to Malaya, in 1971 it moved to Hong Kong and in 1995 moved to the UK at Church Crookham. In 1999, Gurkha Company moved to the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick to come in line with the rest of the British Infantry where it continues to train Nepalese recruits to the highest standards for the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Gurkha Training

Combat Infantryman's Course

Cultural Orientation Programme


Social Functions

Anzio Company

Anzio Company delivers training to both Junior Entry and Army Reservists. The Army Foundation College Line (AFCL) course is a Regular Phase Two CIC for Junior Entry (JE) Soldiers (mostly under 18s).  The course is physically and mentally challenging but at the same time very rewarding. It takes recruits from their basic understanding of soldiering from AFC Harrogate up to the required level expected of a Class Three Infantryman, who is then ready to move on to the Field Army to his selected choice of Regiment. The Army Reserve CIC (ARCIC) is the culmination of a Reserve soldier’s training.  It is a two week residential course and reminds, revises and teaches all aspects of a soldier’s skillset, focusing on fieldcraft, fitness and marksmanship.  Recruits on the course will experience 4 nights in the field practising basic individual and section level tactics as well as being required to pass a series of practical tests proving their proficiency.

Twice a year Anzio Coy delivers a 2 week Potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officer cadre for the Army Reserve Infantry Battalions.  Along with assessing the student’s military knowledge and tactical fieldcraft skills this course introduces them to planning operations and delivering orders to soldiers.