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Communication Information Systems (CIS) Division

It’s widely accepted that, without communications, even the most organised and well-disciplined force will grind to a halt. Without communications we are unable to direct resources, including manpower, to where they are required.

We are also very much in the dark as to what the enemy are doing if we cannot communicate. As such, training in communications has to be of the highest quality. It should be emphasised that all Communication Information Systems courses are tactical as well as technical courses.






Advanced Signaller

Cpl (for promotion to Sgt)

Local Area Sub-Systems, and Signals Platoon Sergeant.

Three iterations of each course per year.

Regimental Signals Detachment Commander

LCpl (for promotion to Cpl)

Command and administer a signals detachment and provide communications for a company.

Three iterations of each course per year.

Regimental Signaller


Operate all Bowman equipment and work in a command post.

Four iterations of each course per year.