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The following courses are run at IBS:

  • All Arms Live Firing Tactical Training Course
  • All Arms NCO Skill At Arms Instructor Course
  • Basic Tactics Course
  • Dismounted Close Combat Trainer
  • Infantry Warrant Officers’ Course
  • Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course
  • Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course
  • Platoon Tactics Course
  • SAS Infantry Skills Course
  • Section Commanders’ Battle Course
There’s more about each course below.

All Arms Live Firing Tactical Training Course (AA LFTT) (+ TA Course)

This is aimed at Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers from across the Army, to qualify them in planning and conducting live firing ranges.

All Arms NCO Skill At Arms Instructor Course (AA SAA)

This course is designed to qualify Non-Commissioned Officers from across the Army in becoming weapon instructors and conducting static small arms ranges.

Basic Tactics Course

The Basic Tactics Course (BTAC) is designed to train junior and senior NCOs, from other Arms and Services, in basic infantry tactics and qualify them to conduct low-level infantry training on return to their unit.

Students must complete the Defence Instructional Techniques Course prior to starting BTAC.

Dismounted Close Combat Trainer

This course is designed to qualify officers and NCOs, from across the Arms and Services, in operating and conducting training in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT). Thirteen DCCT courses are run each year, with a capacity of six students on each course.

Infantry Warrant Officers’ Course

Designed to train Infantry Warrant Officers in the mandatory Command, Leadership and Management Part 2 and Service elements. This course also trains for the delivery of the operational and administrative duties of an Infantry Warrant Officer.

Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course

This course focuses on producing tactically capable Platoon Commanders who are physically and mentally robust. Usually (though not exclusively) the Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course is completed immediately after commissioning from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

The course is broken down into two distinct phases – the Tactics phase and the Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) phase.

Tactics constitutes a UK-based training phase and the Battle Camp phase, which involves deployment to Belize for the Final Exercise. Battle Camp is the framework which gives young officers a Mission Rehearsal Exercise: expeditionary, immersion training, challenging terrain/climate and realistic live firing.

The Tactics phase is followed by the LFTT phase, which gives students the Skill at Arms (A) 90 Qualification. This enables them to plan and conduct realistic field firing exercises in their units.

Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course

The Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course (PSBC) is a promotion qualifying-course, to Sergeant, for Rifle Company Platoon Sergeants. The course is run in January, April and August each year, and is broken down into two independent phases: Tactics and Live Firing Tactical Training (LFTT).

The Tactics phase of the course is seven weeks long, and delivered by Senior Division Instructors. The course is split into platoons with Colour Sergeant Instructors with each section. An Infantry Captain oversees the platoon’s training.

The LFTT phase is five weeks long and run by the Infantry Weapons’ Division. On successful completion, students will be qualified to plan and conduct demanding and realistic live fire range packages.

On overall completion of the course the student is eligible for promotion to become a Platoon Sergeant. Completion is also a pre-requisite for all candidates attending the RMAS Instructors’ Cadre.

PSBC is both mentally and physically demanding – but students receive the highest level of tuition and testing to ensure they are fully prepared for the rigors of command.

Platoon Tactics Course

The Platoon Tactics Course (PTC) is designed to train Infantry Territorial Army (TA) Platoon Commanders, Sergeants and Section Commanders to command and administer a Rifle Platoon and Section.

The PTC is a two-week course that is the ‘special to arm’ training. It is the promotion-qualifying course to substantive Sergeant and Corporal for TA Infantry units.

SAS Infantry Skills Course

This course is aimed at non-Infantry soldiers who volunteer to attend UK Special Forces selection. It is not compulsory, but completing the course enhances key low-level Infantry skills. There are four phases, including two phased deployments to the Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA) in Powys where students learn the basics of being an Infantry soldier before working through a patrol and mounting a platoon attack.

Section Commanders’ Battle Course

The Section Commanders’ Battle Course is a promotion-qualifying course to substantive Corporal for all Rifle Company Section Commanders. The course is broken down into two phases: Skill at Arms and Tactics.

All courses are delivered by four distinct divisions within IBS – the Platoon Commanders’ Division, Senior Division, Junior Division and Infantry Weapons’ Division.