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Military training

Whilst the main aim of being at 8 Trg Bn REME is to conduct trade training for each individual to become qualified as a REME soldier, it is also essential that REME soldiers maintain and improve the military skills learnt during Phase 1 basic training.

The military training packages are tailored to meet the demands of each soldier’s technical training with 2 mandatory packages being completed by every soldier.

Mandatory Annual Training Tests (MATTs)

The Mandatory Annual Training Tests (MATTs) are a set of training activities that have to be completed annually by every soldier and officer in the Army. To prepare them for their first unit, every soldier will complete this training at the end of their Phase 2 technical training. The training includes physical assessments, weapon handling, navigation and first aid. All of the MATTs training activities are revision of training already conducted during Phase 1 Training.

Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS)

Every soldier is required to pass a course of Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) which builds upon the field skills that were taught during Phase 1 training. These basic skills are now enhanced by the military training staff at 8 Trg Bn REME to prepare them for life in their first unit. BCCS training will be conducted towards the end of each soldier’s trade training and prior to assignment to their first unit. The main aim of BCCS is to prepare each soldier to operate in a field/exercise environment and to work as a member of a Fire Team (4 soldiers) and as a member of a Section (8 soldiers) while they also look after themselves and their equipment during a short period of living in a field/exercise environment. This training will give every soldier a good base level of experience prior to arriving at their first unit where they could begin to prepare to deploy on operations across the world.

Continuation Military Training (CMT)

All REME soldiers apart from Technical Support Specialists complete a technical training course that lasts for a relatively long period of time. To ensure that these soldiers maintain their knowledge of military skill they complete a training package that covers subjects like battlefield first aid, weapon handling skills and weapon firing on a specially designed range. As with BCCS training, soldiers may be expected to stay away from camp for a couple of nights to ensure they can look after themselves in different conditions.