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Trade training

How long will you spend in Blandford?

Whatever trade you have chosen as your career in the Royal Signals you are all vital to the Corps and the British Army. Operators are responsible for utilising communications systems ranging from radios to computers. Electronic Warfare Operators monitor and disrupt enemy communications.

Engineers program networks as well as fixing and maintaining the equipment used by the Operators. Installation technicians provide the communications infrastructure, be that fibre or copper and the Electricians provide the power. If any of the trades require spare parts to complete their task, the Communication Logistics Specialist ensure that they are readily available.

No matter what job you carry out, you are all essential links in the chain that makes the British Army the finest in the world. All trade groups will leave Blandford having passed their Category B+E licence and some leave with C+E. In addition all trades must complete basic signalling skills, which is at the core of any Royal Signals soldier.

All trade groups must also complete at least one week of BCCS (Basic Close Combat Skills) so that you with arrive at your new unit fully refreshed and current in your military skills.

The link in the right hand column shows how long a phase 2 soldier can expect to be at Blandford Camp – these times are intended as a guide.


Course content

On arrival at Blandford Camp everyone attends a week-long induction course. The course is designed to:

  • Orientate you to life at 11 (RSS) Sig Regt
  • Carry out essential administration
  • Set the required standards which you are expected to meet at Blandford and throughout the rest of your military career

Upon your arrival you will be allocated to one of six troops, in which you will remain throughout your time at the Regiment. This troop is responsible for your administration, welfare and troop training.

Trade training within the Royal School of Signals between 08:20 and 16:20 for the duration of your course. At the end of your course, there is a graduation ceremony to which your friends and family are invited.

Soldiers are expected to maintain the required level of physical fitness – this will be assessed during your first week in Blandford when a personal fitness assessment and a 6 mile induction weighted march will be carried out.

Throughout your course periods of physical training are programmed in. Sports afternoons are programmed for every Wednesday afternoon, allowing you to participate in one of the many sports clubs the Garrison has to offer.



All soldiers are entitled to four free travel warrants to return home on leave and 38 working days of leave per year. Leave time is programmed into your timetable however leave is possible outside of these times – as long as you do not miss any critical course instruction or examinations.

Weekends are usually free, though throughout the year we expect you to attend Inter-Squadron events and exercises which take place over some weekends. Plenty of notice is given for such events, giving you time you plan around them.