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Phase 2 Training – RAC Training Regiment

On completion on Phase 1 training all RAC soldiers will come to the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment (RACTR), at Allenby Barracks in Dorset. Here they will receive trade and technical training specific to the vehicle platforms that their chosen regiment operates.

What to expect on arrival

All RAC Phase 2 soldiers will join Waterloo Squadron and will be allocated to one of the troops below:

• Centurion Troop
• Chieftain Troop
• Churchill Troop
• CrusaderTroop
• Jackal Troop
• Saladin Troop
• Scimitar Troop
• Scorpion Troop
• Titan Troop

Those that sustain an injury or require long term physiotherapy will be moved in to Centurion Troop. This will allow soldiers to focus on their treatment and return to mainstream training as quickly as possible.

You will be accommodated in modern SLAM buildings and will live in troop lines with shared bathrooms, kitchen and leisure facilities.

Your daily routine will involve both technical and tactical training, as well a physical training sessions, culminating in the Commanding Officer’s competition every Friday.

What you will learn

As a Phase 2 soldier you will receive trade specific training, delivered by the AFV Signals School, AFV Gunnery School, AFV Driving and Maintenance School and RACTR Permanent Staff.

Your training pipeline is specific to the type regiment you choose to join and the vehicle platform that they operate:

• Armoured – Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank – Kings Royal Hussars, Queens Royal Hussars and Royal Tank Regiment.
• Armoured Cavalry – CVR (T) Reconnaissance Vehicle – Royal Lancers, Household Cavalry and Royal Dragoon Guards.
• Light Cavalry – JACKAL Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicle – Light Dragoons, Queens Dragoon Guards and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

As well as learning how to operate and maintain your chosen vehicle platform you will also receive training in mounted tactics, dismounted skills and weapon handling.

Choosing your regiment

All RAC Phase 2 soldiers (except those joining the Household Cavalry) will arrive at RACTR wearing the generic RAC cap badge. In the first few weeks of training you will be directed to select which RAC regiment you would like to serve with. You will be asked to select a number of regiments and list them in order of preference. The RAC regiments are split into three distinct operational roles: