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Specialist Weapons School, Warminster

The British Army has an armoury of powerful and versatile specialist weaponry, from sniper rifles to mortars – tools for the soldier’s task of taking and holding ground.

The Specialist Weapons School’s (SWS) mission is to train the required number of Officers and Soldiers to the appropriate standard, in order to support the operational requirements of the Infantry and Defence.

While most students at the school are from across the Infantry, the SWS trains personnel from other Arms and Services. Over the past few years, students from the Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment, as well as a number of overseas students, have been trained at SWS.

SWS forms part of the School of Infantry. It is based at Waterloo Lines in Warminster and comprises of two Training Divisions and Training Support Company.

It also provides oversight to Communication Information Systems (CIS) and Assault Pioneer (AP) Training for Infantrymen at the Combat CIS School, Bovington and the Royal Engineer Warfare Wing delivered training for Assault Pioneers.

  • Direct Fire Support Division (Anti-Tanks, Machine Guns and Snipers)
  • Mortar Division
  • Training Support Company
  • Communications Information Systems Division
  • Assault Pioneer Division
Most SWS courses are promotion-qualifying career courses and as such, all the Divisions train command, control and leadership at all levels in all specialities.