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Armour Centre, Bovington

The Armour Centre in Bovington, Dorset, is the British Army’s centre of excellence for training in the core skills of armoured warfare. The centre trains soldiers in driving/maintaining armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) and operating vehicle weapons’ systems and communications equipment.

The AFV Training Group, commanded by HQ Armour Centre, has three schools delivering training in the three disciplines of armour – Communications, Driving & Maintenance and Gunnery – and the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment.

The AFV Training Group’s role is to provide initial and through-career training for British Army soldiers. Driving, maintenance, command, control and communications are taught at Bovington, and gunnery training at Lulworth. The AFV Training Group provides training for a variety of armoured vehicles.

The Armour Centre has a fleet of over 180 AFVs and provides catering and accommodation facilities for up to 2,000. The Armour Centre also has 10,000 acres of training area including an 8km all-weather driving circuit, a 75km cross-country driving circuit and extensive firing ranges capable of accommodating advanced troop fire and manoeuvre exercises.