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Education is an important part of the programme at AFC Harrogate. It supports the Junior Soldier through their training and it contributes to making a more effective soldier.

Long course education

All Junior Soldiers on the Long course are enrolled onto the Army Apprenticeship whilst at the AFC. As part of this qualification Junior Soldiers take exams in Functional Skills (English and Maths) whilst at Harrogate and will begin the relevant technical qualification when they begin their trade training with their chosen capbadge.

The AFC is supported by well-qualified civilian tutors who guide Junior Soldiers through their education course. Whatever level of educational achievement a Junior Soldier arrives with, they will acquire additional skills and qualifications, and if a Junior Soldier needs additional learning support, this is available in class, in small groups and in one-to-one sessions in the Learning Support Centre. Wherever possible, the learning materials used in the classroom involve real military documents, exercises and working situations.

Short course education

Junior Soldiers on the Short course undertake a programme of education that is dependent on the qualifications they obtained before arriving at the AFC.

Military studies

All Junior Soldiers (both on the Long and Short course) undertake military studies. This teaches them about the structure of the Army and its place within society. It also looks at the various roles that the Army performs in the UK and overseas.

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