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Coming to ITC Catterick is often the first time some recruits have lived away from home. Army barrack accommodation is not like living at home, and recruits must learn new standards and rules of behaviour.

Accommodation at ITC Catterick is a principally in older buildings, although new accommodation, built as part of the Ministry of Defence’s massive investment in upgrading and improving single living accommodation, is dotted about the site.

In barracks, recruits share accommodation with other members of the section/platoon, but there is still a reasonable amount of privacy for the individual. In older accommodation, 4, 8 or 12 recruits sleep in each room; all rooms in the newer accommodation sleep 12.

All beds are 2ft 6in (about 0.76m) wide and 6ft (about 1.62m) long, although longer beds are available for taller recruits if required. Sheets, blankets and pillowcases are provided, and these are regularly laundered for recruits.

In older accommodation, recruits are allocated a double wardrobe as well as a footlocker/top box as storage space. In the newer accommodation, storage space is built around the bed area; additionally, each recruit is allocated a 6ft x 2ft (about 1.62m x 0.61m) metal cage in the drying or baggage room.

Shared shower, bath and sink facilities are provided in both types of accommodation.

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