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8 Engineer Brigade

Formed under Army 2020, 8 Engr Bde includes every engineer regiment in the Field Army (less three units ), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search (RLC and RE), the specialist infrastructure engineers, most of the RLC Ammunition Technicians and the Military Working Dogs (MWD) Regiment.

8 Engr Bde is part of Force Troops Command which provides combat support, combat service support and command support to the Army, the other Services and the UK Government.

Nearly half of the deployable Army, FTC comprises 10 brigades which contain all the gunners, ISR, sappers, signallers, medics, military police and much of the RLC and REME.

It also includes the recently formed 77 Bde and has a coordinating authority over the Joint Ground-Based Air Defence (Jt GBAD) Group.

8 Engr Bde is built on four Groups, each commanded by a colonel:

  • 12 (Force Support) Engr Gp provides general and specialist engineer support to the Army, including 1(UK) Division, the Adaptable Force. The Group will provide ‘Theatre Entry’ in the early stages of a large operation and also sustains a high readiness capability to support the RAF.
  • 25 (Close Support) Engr Gp provides close engineer support to the battlegroups and brigades of 3(UK) Division, the Reactive Force.
  • 29 EOD & Search Gp provides EOD and Search capabilities to all land forces, to the Special Forces and to other government departments including the police. The Group also provides technical ammunition support and commands the MWD Regiment.
  • 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp provides infrastructure consultancy, project management, engineering design, contract management, and facilities management to the Army and other government departments.

8 Engr Bde is an integrated mix of regular and reserves, operating alongside each other in paired or hybrid regiments.

The Brigade comprises 10,058 people (6,985 regular, 2,673 reserves and 400 civil servants) in 20 units (89 sub-units) in 65 locations in UK, Germany (to 2019) and Cyprus. The Brigade represents almost 10% of the Army.

8 Engr Bde is the lead Defence Engagement brigade for South Asia. The Brigade will develop understanding and expertise of the region and generate close ties with the forces in each of the countries, including opportunities for joint training and exercises in South Asia.

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