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11th Infantry Brigade & HQ South East

11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East is one of the Army’s 7 Adaptable Force Brigades comprising of Regular and Reserve units. The Brigade is the Army regional point of contact for the 8 counties of the South East of England.


It is part of the Army’s 'Adaptable Force' meaning it has units under its command delivering operational effect and regional responsibilities across the South East of England.

The brigade has three regular battalions under its command, as well as responsibility for British Forces Brunei. It covers one of the most complex and densely populated regions in the UK comprising some 26,000 military personnel gathered across 35 garrisons and stations.

It also directly commands over 13,000 cadets as well as the Central Reserves Headquarters (CRHQ) of the Adjutants General Corps (AGC) based in Worthy Down.

The headquarters is based at Roebuck House in Aldershot.

2017 – Readiness Year

2017 saw the 11th Infantry Brigade transition from ‘Training’ to ‘Readiness’. This means that throughout the year, soldiers will be ready to respond to any threat as required at home in the UK or abroad.  Looking ahead to 2018 the Brigade will be deploying some of it’s units on Operations overseas.

The Brigade Headquarters, as part of the army’s Adaptable Force, are stood by to deploy a Light Brigade HQ at short notice. They are also providing the lead for Land Forces Defence Engagement across Eastern Africa. In addition the HQ is prepared to operate as a tactical HQ for the planning and conduct of operations within the UK as required.

The Brigade Headquarters has several units under Operational Command (OPCOM) and others under Operational Control (OPCON) to carry out these tasks. These units in turn are stood by to deliver whatever support they may be asked for in order to support any potential tasks. Due to not knowing what or where such tasks may be, units have to focus on being able to deploy troops at short notice, with the implications this has for training & equipment, medical fitness, recruiting & retention, and global situational awareness.

The Firm Base

Whilst this ‘Readiness’ is being maintained, there remains the on-going tasks of maintaining and managing the troops, referred to as the ‘Firm Base’. The Firm Base covers four key areas; UK Engagement, UK Operations, Real Life Support, and Cadets.

·         The first of these encapsulates the interaction between the military and society (referred to as UK Engagement - divided into Civil Engagement, Employer Engagement, and Youth Engagement).

·         UK Operations are where the military may be called upon to provide Military Aid to the Civil Authority (MACA) - this also sub-divided into Military Aid to other Government Departments (MAGD), Military Aid to the Civil Power (MACP) and Military Aid to the Civil Community (MACC).

·         ‘Real Life Support’ (RLS) is the combination of activities that result in ‘Business as usual’ across Garrisons and Bases across the UK. This is a combined effort of military, MOD civilians & contractors, and also a wide network of delivery partners and other organisations. RLS includes the management of locations and logistical support, and also the provision of medical and education facilities and other personnel services, including transition back into civilian life for those leaving the forces.

·         Cadets are not a part of the Army as many may believe, but a separate youth organisation using the ethos and discipline of military life to guide and grow future members of UK society. Cadets do use military training areas and have some support from Regular and Reserve forces, but are largely trained and administered separately. The Cadets may be seen to provide a source of young people with an interest in the military and many do go on to serve, but just as important are the others who go into other areas of the wider society and support the military from there.

Brigade Unit Locations

Brigade Headquarters

Roebuck House, Cavans Road, Aldershot, GU11 2LQ

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1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards

Lille Barracks, Redvers Buller Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 2NQ

Title|1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards;Lat|51.274566;Lng|-0.743503;Url|/infantry/regiments/23306.aspx

1st Battalion The Welsh Guards

Elizabeth Barracks, Pirbright Camp, Brookwood, WOKING, GU24 0DT

Title|1st Battalion The Welsh Guards;Lat|51.302354;Lng|-0.678151;Url|/infantry/regiments/23991.aspx