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Transition IPPD

This Brigade supports the Transition of Service Leavers by providing the Army’s principal connection with government and society within its area of responsibility and it is the lead for the delivery of certain administration and support functions required to support soldiers and their families.

Soldier to civilian The aim of Transition is to signpost those Service Leavers who wish to settle in the East Midlands or East Anglia to information on Employment, Education, Health, Housing and Welfare (the links for which are located below).

The area covers the 12 counties from Lincolnshire down to Essex and eastwards of the M1, accessing the facilities available through the 97 local authorities along with the plethora of support agencies and charities that also act in support throughout this transition process and beyond.

Transition is more than what is traditionally called Resettlement. Your own Transition Journey is something that you must ‘drive’. You read the orders, you pack your kit, you pack your ammunition but it is not just about you; your partner, family and friends may also be affected when you leave the Service.

Leaving the Army can be a challenge, which is why all service leavers and their families receive support in making this transition to civilian life regardless of length of service. The Army’s intent is that all Service leavers achieve an effective transition from full-time military service into civilian life. The key skills and primary focus will be finding new employment and somewhere to live, whichever comes first.

On leaving a full-time career in the Army, have you considered that the nation still needs your commitment, experience and leadership skills? Have you thought about continuing your military service in the Army Reserve, or even becoming an Adult Instructor in the Army Cadet Force? If you have, then just check out the links on the Employment page.


Transition events

For up to date confirmation of CTP (Career Transition Partnership) events, please check the CTP Events page (link top right).


None of us know what is around the corner and we should not be too proud to ask when we suddenly face difficulties or areas of uncertainty; or in fact we may have been facing them for some time. Here are just some of the agencies who are there to provide support and advice in many of the different areas in which we can struggle.

Army Welfare Service (AWS) contact details

The Army Welfare Service (AWS) provides confidential support for serving married and single personnel and families with any personal or family difficulties. They can be contacted here:

Telephone: 01980 615975

Email: AWS-Welfareinformationservice@mod.uk