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Transition to civilian life

42 (North West) Brigade is primarily concerned with service leavers who are wishing to resettle within the North West region. Our aim is to ensure that the service leaver is given all the relevant information needed to make an informed choice allowing the smooth transition into civilian life.

Soldier to civilianTransition is more than what was traditionally known as Resettlement. Your own transition journey is something that you must ‘drive’ and is not just about you. It is your partner, family and friends who will also be affected by leaving the Service and you must keep them involved with every stage.

The greatest areas of focus will be finding new employment and somewhere to live. Along with these areas, this portal has links covering the five pillars of transition:

  • Employment – career selection or job search
  • Education – training options and children’s school selection
  • Health – registration or transfer of existing medical care
  • Housing – help with securing housing, whether social or private
  • Welfare – guidance and help from veterans’ organisations and programmes

Transition and resettlement support is delivered by a number of agencies including unit resettlement staff, Army Education Centre staff (especially the Individual Education & Resettlement Officer) and staff at the ten regional resettlement centres operated by the Career Transition Partnership.

In addition, the Army Welfare Service, Service charities and the Hives all make a big contribution to informing and supporting Service leavers and their families through this significant change in their lives.


Much of the support available to Army personnel and their families is given through the Army Welfare Service (AWS), a professional and confidential welfare support service for servicemen and women and their families, wherever they are located.

The Army Welfare Service has three main tasks: Community Support, Personal Support and HIVE information services.

If you wish to contact the Army Welfare Service please email: AWS-Welfareinformationservice@mod.uk or Telephone on: 01980 615975 or 0800 032 6443.

Welfare links

LIVE @ EASE is an NHS-supported initiative that can provide service leavers (and those that have already left the services (Veterans)) help with health and wellbeing. They offer a range of services to help deal with some of the challenges of Transition.

Salute was started by two ex-soldiers as a help and support group to all ex-service personnel based in and around Burnely and East Lancashire.

Armed Forces Group Preston (AFGP) can provide practical advice and guidance for current service personnel and veterans of all ages, backgrounds and military services. The AFGP can signpost to a variety of organisations.

The Peace Centre charities share many common aims and goals and each, in their own way, work with vulnerable children, young people and adults affected by violence and cruelty in all its forms.

At the following hive blog links you will find regional information.

Army Welfare Service (AWS) contact details

The Army Welfare Service (AWS) provides confidential support for serving married and single personnel and families with any personal or family difficulties. They can be contacted here:

Telephone: 01980 615975

Email: AWS-Welfareinformationservice@mod.uk