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Transition to civilian life

42 (North West) Brigade is primarily concerned with service leavers who are wishing to resettle within the North West region. Our aim is to ensure that the service leaver is given all the relevant information needed to make an informed choice allowing the smooth transition into civilian life.

Soldier to civilianTransition is more than what was traditionally known as Resettlement. Your own transition journey is something that you must ‘drive’ and is not just about you. It is your partner, family and friends who will also be affected by leaving the Service and you must keep them involved with every stage.

The greatest areas of focus will be finding new employment and somewhere to live. Along with these areas, this portal has links covering the five pillars of transition:

  • Employment – career selection or job search
  • Education – training options and children’s school selection
  • Health – registration or transfer of existing medical care
  • Housing – help with securing housing, whether social or private
  • Welfare – guidance and help from veterans’ organisations and programmes

Transition and resettlement support is delivered by a number of agencies including unit resettlement staff, Army Education Centre staff (especially the Individual Education & Resettlement Officer) and staff at the ten regional resettlement centres operated by the Career Transition Partnership.

In addition, the Army Welfare Service, Service charities and the Hives all make a big contribution to informing and supporting Service leavers and their families through this significant change in their lives.


Arguably the most important area along with finding employment, is to secure a new home. Making the decision as to where you plan to ‘resettle’ is incredibly important and where you live will be dependent upon whether you are moving back to your previous family area, a new area because of a job, or just somewhere you and/or you family wish to relocate to.

There are a range of support services available to you from the Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) as well as from the local Council in the area you are moving. The most important thing to consider is that the process takes time to go through, so early consideration or contact with the local Council is vital (follow the 'Find your local council' link on the right) and click on the housing tab. You will need to provide your Cessation of Entitlement certificate; giving the date you are due to vacate your military accommodation.

For single service leavers, the process may take even longer, so early contact is vital to ensure you do not end up homeless. SPACES (Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services) can provide you with help in finding a house if you are single. There is also a range of other accommodation, these can be found through either the details given in the JSHAO NW Magazine or through individual councils' websites.

JSHAO provides personnel with advice on the increasingly complex range of civilian housing options and provides a focal point for personnel, in particular those about to return to civilian life, and to ex-Service personnel who are still in Service Families Accommodation.