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Transition to civilian life

38 (Irish) Bde is primarily concerned with service leavers who are wishing to resettle within Northern Ireland (Co Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone). Our aim is to ensure that the service leaver is given all the relevant information needed, to make an informed choice allowing the smooth transition into civilian life.

Soldier to civilianTransition is based upon the five pillars of resettlement Employment, Education, Health, Housing and Welfare. Northern Ireland specific Information in relation to each of these areas can be accessed via the links set out below.


For those service personnel who are returning to Northern Ireland following an extended period away, discretion is key and soldiers are reminded of the residual terrorist threat which is still extant.

Transition Process

The process of Transition to Civilian Life is broken down into 3 lines:

  • 1st Line – Unit Resettlement Staff (information and administration support)
  • 2nd Line – Individual Education and Resettlement Officer (IERO) located with your local AEC (advice and guidance on the resettlement package)
  • 3rd Line – Provided by Career Transition Partnership (CTP) (transition workshops, resettlement training advice and employment consultancy)


The Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) gives practical advice on the various housing options available to the service leaver. Regular Housing briefings are held at the Regional Resettlement Centre at Aldergrove for dates visit www.ctp.org.uk.

Northern Ireland currently has some of the lowest property and rental prices in the UK.

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is the Public Housing Authority responsible for all applications for social housing. Service leavers who require social housing are encouraged to register with the NIHE as early as possible, (ensure that you have a copy of the Certificate of Cessation from your SFA) although applications can not be processed until the individual is registered as homeless (28 days before your discharge date).

If you are considering buying a property then the Co-Ownership Housing Scheme (exclusively for NI) allows you to explore various financial options without committing to a full mortgage.

Haig Homes provides housing assistance throughout the UK for ex-Service Personnel. They currently have a number of properties in Belfast for details contact them via their website - follow the links below.

Further information or queries can be addressed to the 38 (Irish) Bde SO2 Transition

Telephone: 02892 263 906

Email: 38X-Pers-Transition-SO2@mod.uk

To Register and Book CTW or Career Consultant interview call 0203 162 4410
For Employment Support call 0121 236 0058

The initial point of contact remains the Unit Resettlement Officer (URO). It is vital that a leaving soldier engages as early as possible with the URO so that a resettlement plan can be agreed and any specific needs addressed.