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Career opportunities

63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron provides an opportunity for intelligent, motivated individuals to work within a unique organisation with an exciting role. Service is physically and intellectually challenging and requires high calibre individuals who are prepared to commit to considerable training demands and willing to deploy overseas.

The rewards of service are significant: the challenge of providing a complex and highly technical mission-critical capability in highly challenging and often unusual environments; taking pride in a long and distinguished heritage, while embracing technological advancement and the emerging challenges of a complex world; earning the confidence and trust of fellow members of a highly motivated and closely-knit team with a strong sense of purpose.

A successful candidate will have opportunities to earn increased rates of pay for passing special qualifying courses and may be offered opportunities to volunteer for full-time service.

Eligibility for Service with 63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron

63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron accepts applications from men and women between the ages 18 - 52 (aged 18 -43 for specialist roles, ages 18 - 52 for non specialist (generalist)  roles). All prospective candidates respective of age must be:

  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Intelligent
  • Flexible of mind
  • Mature
  • Able to commit to considerable training demands
  • Willing to deploy overseas

Ex-Regulars and Transferees

Ex-regular and reserve transferees (including RN/RM/RAF) are welcome to apply, subject to the criteria above.

Under certain circumstances retention of existing/previously held rank or mark-time pay in lieu may be considered subject to regulations in force at the time of application.


The following trades are available within 63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron.

  • Communication Systems Operator
  • Special Forces Communicator
  • REME Vehicle Mechanic
  • Medical Technician
  • Chef
  • HR administration clerk


To request more information and to apply for service with 63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron contact:

London and South Coast/West Midlands/Wales: 0800 163 925
Other areas: Call for details of your nearest detachment.
e-mail for all areas: sfsignals@armymail.co.uk

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