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Chicken StreetChicken Street by John Lane

Review by Maj Chris Buckham, RCAF

THIS book addresses a topic that has been largely forgotten in the maelstrom that has become the fighting in Afghanistan – the brief period between the rise of the Taliban and the retreat of the Soviet Union.

During that time, significant efforts were made to clear the Afghan countryside of the millions of mines and unexploded devices that plagued the population.

John Lane’s text is engaging and enlightening, highlighting the challenges, successes and frustrations of operating within the Afghan communities.

He writes well and his narrative is direct and concise.

He closes his offering with an epilogue outlining what occurred following his departure in 1994.

A good read.



No Lack of CourageNo Lack of Courage: Operation Medusa, Afghanistan by Col Bernd Horn

Review by Lt Neil Dickie, 105 Regt RA (V)

SHORT, technical and difficult to follow. Col Bernd Horn uses complex and detailed descriptions to paint a picture of Op Medusa when a simple diagram would have sufficed.

The colonel repeatedly refers to the Canadian Armed Forces as peacekeepers and eludes to a lack of support from European countries in combat, which detracts from the story and becomes annoying.

This book feels like it was written in a rush with a core 60 pages of strong narrative and the rest political waffle. This is definitely not for the casual reader and military historians should think twice before buying it.

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