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Forward Air Control Troop

Specialist regional Army Reserve unit based in Bath. We are the only unit of our kind in the Army Reserve. We have provided continuous support to operations since 1993 and maintain a great deal of operational knowledge and relevance.


FAC Troop regularly provides support to operations with the majority having deployed on at least one tour in Afghanistan. We constantly have people away which ensures we maintain our operational knowledge.

Support to Regular Army

We regularly provide training support across the world to the Regular Army on a variety of exercises in the form of Supervisory FACs.


Joining Forward Air Control Troop

Soldier - Recruit

To join FAC Troop as a recruit, you will need go through the initial selection process as detailed here. Once you have successfully completed selection, you will undertake Phase 1 training. You will also take part in FAC Troop training, learning about your role. Once you have completed Phase 1 training, you will be able to fully participate in troop training and develop yourself in your role.

Soldier - Trained

To transfer into FAC Troop as a trained soldier, you would normally be expected to have completed your Phase 1 training. You would join the troop as a Driver/Radio Operator, learning about the specialist kit and equipment which we use. Over time you would progress up the ranks and become a Detachment Commander, responsible for running an Observation Post. You may be identified as suitable for FAC training, in which case you may be sent on the FAC course. You will be expected to serve for a period of time post FAC course, potentially to include an operational tour.


To join FAC Troop as an officer you would normally be expected to have recent operational experience and either hold the rank of Captain or be ready for promotion. Ideally you would already be a Certified and Qualified FAC, however other skills which you might bring to the Troop would be considered.
A non-FAC Officer would normally be expected to establish themselves in the troop as a Troop Officer, for example, taking responsibility for organising Core Skills training weekends.

Troop Training - Overview

Wednesday Evenings

Every Wednesday night the troop trains at Bath Army Reserve Centre from 1930-2130. Training can range from learning about various types of equipment to mini exercises conducted in the classroom. 

Weekend Training

Weekend training takes place on average once a month. This can see the troop deploy to a training area on the Friday night to set up an Observation Post (OP) from which patrol activity will be conducted. Leadership, signalling and basic infantry skills are also taught and tested on these weekends.


Collective Training

To qualify for an annual training bounty, FAC Troop holds a 15 day collective training period, or 'Annual Camp', each year. This generally takes place in September and involves deploying to locations across the UK or Europe to fulfil our primary role of controlling combat aircraft.

Adventure Training

There are many opportunities to take part in Adventure Training. Troop members have taken part in Skiing in Austria and Germany, Climbing in Snowdonia and Germany, Mountaineering in Wales, Scotland and Europe and Dinghy Sailing in the Solent.


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