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My Story - Sig Hathaway

Signaller Hathaway gives his story of life in the Army Reserve as an ex infantry soldier

Call 37 Sig Regt

01527 599324

Qualifying as a RSIGNALS Reservist

I joined the Territorial Army in 2006 as a Fusilier and started my basic training which was 9 weekends. A year later I wanted a change and decided to transfer to the Royal Corps of Signals with 48 Signal Squadron. Upon joining the Squadron I went on Midlands Challenge for 4 weeks; a condensed form of the normal recruitment process, after which I became a fully trained soldier.

Following Midlands Challenge I went on my Trade Course which at the time would qualify me as a Radio Systems Operator or RSOP. Shortly afterwards the regiment to which my squadron belonged; 35 Signal Regiment disbanded and 48 joined 37 Signal Regiment.

I recently attended a 4 week Bowman advanced signallers and uplift course where we were taught how to use the new upgrades, new hardware and new software installations on the Bowman communications equipment. During the course I particularly enjoyed refreshing myself on antennas and propagation and learning how to link all of the Bowman equipment together with the use of GPS and Satellite technology.

I also enjoyed learning about how this equipment can all be linked together to work with other communications systems used within the British army and other armies worldwide.

The final week of the course was designed to instruct us on how to teach what we had learnt over the course, this meaning we can pass our knowledge on to our peers and ensure every Bowman operator within 37 Signal Regiment is brought up to date.

Instructor Skills

In addition to the Bowman Uplift Course I have recently completed the Defence Instruction Course where I was taught how to deliver lessons to my peers through a series of structured formats.

This provided me with not only the knowledge I required but also with a little extra confidence and the skills required of any instructor.

48 Sig Sqn (V)

48 Signal Squadron Contact

Telephone: 0121 772 7869 / 0121 753 2597

Email: 37SIG-48-RSUSO@MOD.UK

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West Midlands
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