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High Readiness Reserves

High Readiness Reserves (HRR).  Recent years have seen the Armed Forces deployed in support of the Emergency Services and Civil Authorities, responding to: 

• Terrorist Threats & Attacks

• Flooding

• Foot & Mouth Disease

• Industrial Action

11th Signal Brigade

The Army Reserve is an important component within this response. As such we need to ensure that our Reservists are there to provide guaranteed support quickly within our communities when we need them! Uniquely, 11 Signal Brigade is the only military unit dedicated to providing Information Communications Services in support of UK Operations.

A High Readiness Reservist is an Army Reserve soldier who has signed an additional agreement undertaking to be available within a given response time in support of UK Ops and UK Ops only. Under the HRR Agreement the soldier can be called out on short notice for UK Ops and is required to respond and report for duty at their Army Reserve Centre within 12 or 24 hours, as specified in their agreement.

HRR Training and Rewards

As a member of the HRR response team you will undergo dedicated training to prepare you for your emergency response role.

In addition to your Army Reserve training commitment, an additional 6 days a year will be spent with tailored training to your HRR role, completing a UK Ops communications scenario and National UK Ops training.

The HRR role is crucial in providing a contingency CIS force for national emergencies. HRR personnel are financially rewarded for their commitment with a HRR bounty payable after 1 years’ service [£424 TY15/16], a callout gratuity [£509) and a Reservists Award to compensate for lost earnings.



71SR are currently recruiting for dedicated HRR personnel from within this regt. If you are interested in applying or simply want more information, please contact WO1 (SVWO) Keeble on the details below.

71 Y Sig Regt - Contact - WO1 (SVWO) Keeble

Telephone: 01322 315122

Email: 71SIG-RHQ-SVWO@mod.uk

WO2 Keeble

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